Thursday, February 14, 2008

Once You Have Been Psychiatrized

Originally Posted in 2005

By Patricia Lefave, Labelled, D.D.(P)

Your Life as you knew it is changed forever.

You are no longer the voice which speaks of your own life. Instead, you will now be forced to play ''the Third party'' assessment game. Everyone will now define you except you, so get ready for co-dependent relating at the peak of dysfunction.

Psychiatrists (and all others involved) will consult with third parties who willnow deicide FOR you:

Who you are.
What your life experience was, is, and means.
What you think.
What you SHOULD think.
What you know.
What you do not know.
What you feel, why you feel it, and if it is appropriate for you to feel that.

If you protest this reductionistic game and the contemptuous attitude of others which comes with it, your perception and reactions will be invalidated immediately, you will be silenced, and probably told your feelings are not ''real'' feelings, they are merely inappropriate affects. That is, if you happen to get a psychiatrist who still bothers talking to genetic defectives at all. These ones are now quite rare and are often seen as ''mavericks.'' Most of them now consider it to be a waste of their labelling and drugging time. There are Sooooo many of us nuts now you know. It is hard to keep up.

You have now been moved to the next level of de-personalization; not as psychiatry thinks of it as some alteration in the sense of Self rising up from within, but rather as a very predictable effect of something imposed upon you by our judges and assessors. All begins to take on a surreal aspect as it occurs for those of you who are on the receiving end of this, watching it occur from a position of isolation. You can now be discussed in the third person, while you are present, like you are not there. Know what the benefit of the Third person assessment style is?

Those doing the assessing can't be told anything they don't want to know.
They can't be asked any questions they don't like.
They can't be faulted in any way for what they do.
They can be right all the time since they never get any information that would indicate otherwise.
There is no debate allowed that could change their views and no information provided that might tend to upset them.

The Third person reduces an individual to a lower level of consciousness for the one doing the reducing, even while the one reduced stands there watching, fully aware that it is being done, and knowing there is no way to break through that impermeable wall of arrogance and contempt.
The Third person separates us from the ''normal'', from the group consensus of ''normal,'' from the rest of humanity.
First, it removes the right to be ''I.''
Then it removes us from the right to engage in two way commnications with, and as, equals. ''I-Thou''
It objectifies us: He. She. It. The Third person has no living or legitimate presence in the minds of those who have reduced us to less than human so that they can feel like more. It keeps us at arms length. It keeps those who distance themselves from us "safe" from confrontation or debate. It keeps them convinced of their "normality." It keeps their fear away.

It occurs to very, very few that it may be the need of some of those considered to be normal, to feel like more by comparison to others, that is the true Source of the problem for all of us.



Introfeel said...

I have such a small ego, and many others have such large ones including psychiatrists. It's no wonder I can relate to this. But now I am building up my ego. If I could get my therapist to help then maybe she'd actually be useful.

Shawn said...

Tuesday the powers that be will decide my future with my 17 y.o. daughter. Makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

This is some of the best writing I've experienced in a long time...thank you very much..

Independent...again? said...

Ever notice that "chronic normies" can get real angry and it is okay? If any of you have ever been dx'd w/psych stuff----what happens when you get real p*ssed off?

Anonymous said...

You are very eloquent, Patricia. My daughter's most recent psychiatrist never cracked a smile. I referred to him as the Nazi. He was always downbeat; never hopeful. Once, my son went to one we referred to as "the bug". He was still somewhat Freudian so instead of giving support he scared my son half to death, misdiagnosing him with schizophrenia and asking him lots of questions about his parents' divorce. Now that my son has been killed by Zyprexa, I am active against Big Pharma and the FDA here in the states. The one doctor we really did like has accused me of becoming a Scientologist. That really hurt.

Do not let psychiatrists get the best of you; read up Very Carefully about any meds you might take, search for alternatives if that is realistic; ;and NEVER define yourself as a label. Ellen

Wilderness Hermit Charlie said...

Your right on again as usual I can relate to the experience all to well. The word Psychiatrized says it all. Was that some thing you coined your self? I think its great having wards that can express exactly what is going on. I think you just summed up all the egotistical hang ups of most of humanity. I think that just knowing the dynamics of what is going on more than a little liberating. I once heard a comment by some one "normies need Mental Patients like Ladies need hours, it makes them fell better about them selves" Hope it does not sound sexiest but in the 30 or so years of involvement with the system scents I've heard that statement. I can say no truer line can sum up my observations of the social dynamics of the species human.

Rick Giombetti said...


It's very important to remember that the process of turning somebody into a psychiatric patient is a tag team effort involving families, lawyers, judges and psychiatrists. It's very easy to demonize psychiatrists in this stage play, but this whole operation wouldn't have the legitimacy it has if wasn't for the support families lend it.

Rick said...


It's very important to remember that the process of turning somebody into a psychiatric patient is a tag team effort involving families, lawyers, judges and psychiatrists. It's very easy to demonize psychiatrists in this stage play, but this whole operation wouldn't have the legitimacy it has if wasn't for the support families lend it.

Anonymous said...

Everything you said is so true. I watched as they did those criminal acts to my only child and I was told he would be "mentally ill" forever. He became fat because of their drugs, he drooled everywhere because of their drugs, he wet on everything because of their drugs and they told me that his outrageous laughter caused by their hideous drugs was "inappropriate laughter". They told me he would never have a girlfriend and they took away the only girlfriend he ever had and sent her far off to a different county and because she was on 14 drugs per day she couldn't remember his number. She couldn't call him and her Conservator wouldn't talk to me. They took away over 10 years of his youth and turned him into a raging monster. For over 5 years he did nothing but pace, rock in place and eat and puke. They created a Frankenstein and when the going got rough they sent him home to me.

Denise said...

Pat, you've really hit the nail on the head. Boy, how I can relate to this. Ever since I was diagnosed at age 21, my life is not my own. I have to fight tooth and nail for independence. It takes years to learn how to stand up, speak out and be counted. Thanks for being such a strong advocate.

Janie said...

Hey Pat You are great! Going to take some of your stuff of my web and put it on here if that is okay with you! Janie

Christopher Heimarck said...

i agree with everything you said. whoever controls the language being used, is the one who is in power. psychiatrists love the DSM because it gives them power to bill insurance companies. those of us who have been victimized by psychiatric drug pushers need to start using language, using words, to fight back. thanks for having the courage to speak out. christopher heimarck.