Saturday, February 16, 2008

The System: "A Vast Cosmic Mechanism"

By Patricia Lefave, Labelled, D.D.(P)

Regarding the Autobiographical record of a young girls madness in,The Journal d’une Schizophene’

“…and then there is the horror of infinity. …it was a revelation of what she calls “The System’, the vast cosmic mechanism which exists only to grind out guilt and punishment, solitude and unreality.’

From: the essay Heaven and Hell
By Aldous Huxley,

This is an example of the essence of the problem we have with psychiatry and all of its followers. It comes from their inability to hear what we say, in psychosis or out of it, as reality based. They all have this problem as they have reframed our concrete experience to fit into their own belief system.

So the first thing they do is see us as talking in terms of something that only exists within the mysterious recesses of our supposedly diseased minds. Having done that, they then try to fit us into their belief system and in doing that, cannot hear the bloody obvious. Of course for us, it is as surreal as it gets and it is very frightening to watch otherwise (presumably) intelligent people be unable to see and hear what is right in front of them. So I am learning to explain the bloody obvious to these geniuses and eventually, I hope that even THEY may be able to see themselves as well as many of us do.
Mainly though, I am doing this for those of us who have been psychiatrized so that all of you can understand where the psychiatrists and others are really coming from. I know that if you do, at least the confusion they keep you in with all the double talk, and the endless barrage of contradiction, will no longer be a source of mystery to YOU, even if it remains one for them.

Focusing then on just this one quote from a ‘schizophrenic’ as repeated above, above, let me show you how I now ‘explain’ the perfectly obvious to those who look for ‘hidden’ meaning where there is none.

The ‘infinity' we see and which horrifies us is the recognition of an infinite loop of anti logic within which we have become trapped by a ‘system’ that cannot see its own error and of course, many of us become aware of that.
The way this is written by the ‘expert’ observer though gives us a hint of how he thinks when he is discussing the patient. He does not see ANY connection between the ‘system’ she sees and the ‘system’ in which he operates himself. The reason he can’t see the connection is because of the assumption used in assessing the patient; that is that the patient understands LESS because the psychiatrist does not understand her. This is an extraordinary arrogance in this premise of ‘reasoning.’ Those in the ‘system’ don’t suspect for as minute that there is anything wrong with their OWN reasoning, In fact, it has been suggested so often by the trapped 'patients' that they have proclaimed the accusation that it is THEM to be another 'symptom' proving it in NOT them. As a result of this denial, they always look for the problem ‘externally ‘ and there they find it, in the one who sits before them, and onto whom they project all the ‘system’s’ own traits. The patient KNEW the system was an infinite loop of control She KNEW. However the psychiatrist did not know of what she spoke because he could not see what he had become a part of. Since he did not know, he went into one of his flowery psychiatric fabrications about what it meant, completely messing the point.

This has much to do with how he wants to see himself. He sees himself as an ‘objective observer’ and the patient as the ‘object’ being observed. Nothing could be further from the truth. The description of his system fabrication sounds really brainy though doesn’t it? This is why the public latches onto it. It is complicated and mysterious and supposedly only those trained to hear in such mysterious ways could possibly understand it. Ironically that is true; only those trained to see great mystery and complication where there is none could come up with something like this for an explanation.

To truly see something as it is, we all have to see the whole thing (ironically as a system) and in order to do that we have to be able to see it from OUTSIDE of it. It is a further irony that the only people who can see it from ‘outside ‘ of it are those who get PUSHED out of concrete reality and relationships with those around them and so, in this societal imposed isolation we get the full view. We also know once have gotten it, that our report of it will be heard as utter nonsense since what we say about it is already written down before it happens as ‘signs and symbols' of ‘madness’ which prove the ‘system’ right.

The mental illness 'system' has pretty much become this 'vast cosmic mechanism' (with a global agenda) which certainly does seem to exist to grind out guilt and punishment (in the form of incarceration, invalidation and ‘treatment’ , solitude n the form of psycho spiritual isolation and labelling people (which reinforces a fabricated ‘difference’ and the ‘them and us’ mentality) along with a very strong sense of unreality. The experience with the “system’ is absolutely surreal. It is so obvious to those of us trapped within it that we find it hard to believe that this many people could possibly be this stupid for this long. But they are this stupid.

The “system’ hears these statements of the identified patients truth, not as the plain truth in relation to the external reality which the mental illness system controls and promotes, but as something 'other worldly' and fictitious, bubbling up strictly from within the ‘defective’‘ brain of the person experiencing being trapped within the ‘System’ which cannot hear a word she says as real, simply because they who are a part of it, have been too well trained BY this ‘system’, to be able to hear themselves.

It is amazing. An amazing level of stupidity, arrogance and denial.

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