Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Society’s Delusional Reversal and Group Fabrications

By Patricia Lefave, Labelled, D.D. (P)

When two or more of you stand and observe someone while saying,
“She thinks we are watching her and talking about her all the time,”
you are demonstrating your own self delusion. When you do this in large groups all over town, I would have to be totally deaf and blind to remain unaware of it. I would have to be as deaf and blind to it all as you are.

What you are in fact doing is splitting yourselves off self awareness and then projecting YOUR perception problem onto me as the ‘less’ aware. This is the essence of the delusional reversal. I used to be in it with you from the opposite point of view and was projecting my own higher awareness onto all of you. But I learned better and I don’t do that anymore. So what USED to be delusional reversal times two is now just delusional reversal on your part. When or if, you wake up to this truth you will all come out of the alternate reality of your own creation. I won’t hold my breath waiting for that of course. I am now mostly interested in helping those who are being assigned the roles as the individual objects of your group projections.

While I am aware of both you, and myself, as I am, you are NOT aware of either me or yourselves as you really are. This is the essence of the group problem which most often gets named ‘schizophrenia’ in the individual because it is not seen, nor is there any desire to see it, as the problem of a schizophrenic society.

Your statement about me above is one of denial and sits on the razor’s edge of sanity/insanity without your awareness but not without MY awareness.
Listen to reality:
While you stand and watch someone who ‘thinks’ she is being watched, you also talk about someone who ‘thinks’ she is being talked about. (as if she was not there)
These are two sides of the same event. The one judged by you to be ‘less’ (in ‘secret’ of course) is in touch with this group reality, while you in the group who are doing all this judging are actually OUT of touch with this reality.
Yet to maintain your group delusion, you proclaim the individual to be ‘sick’ for seeing you as you are and for communicating with you directly about it. Then you proclaim yourselves to be ‘well’ for believing you are ‘hidden’ when you are obviously not, and for communicating from behind a façade.
Yes indeed, we ‘defectives’ are very confused by that. Many of us come out of it though after we find the missing puzzle pieces that explain you.
The effect on someone like me, targeted as an individual for ‘correction’ is that of a non stop daily bombardment of duplicity, contradiction and multiple versions of the same ‘reality’ as defined for me by ‘others’ who cannot be questioned or, God forbid, blamed for anything. This is the effect coming from all of those ‘normal’ people who keep right on ‘hiding’ in plain sight.

It is so surreal and absurd that people who get labelled for seeing it often believe, as I once did myself, that you are all ‘pretending’ to be stupid, or that you are all deliberately trying to drive us insane, just for the great ‘entertainment’ value you get form doing it. For some of those who get involved, that is actually TRUE, but not for all. The majority are just idiots who go along with whatever they are told, no questions asked. Now of course, I know, that with the exception of a few of you, you aren’t ‘pretending’ to be unaware of the truth. It is completely hidden from you by your own arrogant certainty that you, as a marvelously dysfunctional group, understand the individual life, experience, feelings and awareness of someone you have never even met, far BETTER than she does!
No wonder we don’t see it. Can you imagine anything more stunned and dopey than that?
Frankly, putting up with that group grandiosity, and being forced to do so, is both exhausting and overwhelming. We get so that we can’t imagine what you could be thinking that would allow you to keep right on believing such nonsense no matter what we say or do in the attempt to get through all your resistance. It is just incredible.
Do you want to see ‘miracle’ cures happen in the ‘mentally ill’?
Wake up then to the reality of yourselves and you will be ‘amazed’ to see ‘genetic diseases’ disappear like metaphysical ‘magic.’

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