Saturday, June 06, 2009

"Trickle Down" Madness

By Patricia Lefave, Labelled, D.D.(P)

First Posted January 2006

It only takes two degrees of separation to keep the whole truth from ever being seen and to permanently prevent resolution from occurring.
When a system, focused on maintenance of the status quo, states they are "moving towards a goal of prevention" that is a true statement. Let's not assume though that we already understand what It is that is being "prevented."
If the group participants in an event are told, in "secret," by the "authority" figure at the top of a pyramid of power that they are to stop talking about the event and they are not to admit to anything...


the victim of the primary aggressor and the group involved is told she is not to confront her protagonist, nor ask any questions of those involved, nor try to tell them anything, a permanent state of separation and mystery is created and maintained. We have circled the truth all the way around and back to 358 degrees but have yet to complete the trip through the infinite loop of dysfunction.
You may go almost all the way around that circle, over and over again, travel back and forth forever, but unless both sides break their silence and stop co-operating with covering up the event, and it's genesis, the WHOLE truth will never be seen nor understood and resolution will be made impossible.

For those operating with a hidden agenda of domination and submission, this IS the planned and desired outcome. It is resolution itself which is being "prevented" and for as long as that remains the goal, those with the hidden agenda will remain hidden to most, and continue to receive an endless supply of "satisfaction" for their efforts.

"Reason " has nothing to do with It.

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