Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Delusional Reversal of The Mental Illness System

By Patricia Lefave, Labelled, D.D.(P)

Originally Posted Feb 2006

For those of you who have been attacked by a group because you were targeted by an aggressor with a hidden agenda of domination, the original cause of your breakdown may be this:

Delusional reversal times two.
It is common for this type af aggressor to operate from behind a facade of respectability, innocence, and even long suffering martyrdom. They are good at their act. They usually pretend to be one way with you and then define their relationship with you as the exact opposite to others. This is done covertly, at first, so that you won't suspect them. The aggressor generally continues to behave reasonably well to your face, especially when there are witnesses to confirm that. Meanwhile though, a group of people may be being given another version of "reality" about you which they are buying into without question.

By the time you realize that something isn't making any sense, either with the aggressor or the group, the aggressor has this whole alternate version of reality well established. Many of those labelled; schizo, schizoid, borderline or even bi-polar have said that you understood what was going on with you personal aggressor but not with the group that involves itself in it.
The group is making it's judgements about you based upon the "reality" they've been sold "covertly" which you either don't know about, or they BELIEVE you don't now about, so they are hearing what you say in relation to what THEY believe to be true. This is something you need to know which, if you are at all like me, you will have a hard time bending your mind around or accepting.

When people are standing around in groups, their eyes glowing with amusement an "superiority," they DON'T KNOW you can see them as they obviously are. This is because of the delusional reversal effect created by the switched roles that started the whole mess in the first place; the switched roles between you as the victim and the true aggressor. The group sees YOU as the aggressor and the aggressor as the victim. That is what gives the aggressor his (or her) power over the situation, over you AND the members of the group who have been led down the proverbial garden path.
The groups sees you as stupid, unconscious or inferior because they delude themselves in that and they believe they are "hidden" from you. That's the first part of the delusion.

The second part is our reaction to what we are accurately perceiving about them and also part that is not accurate. Since they are so obvious in what they do around us, we assume THEY know we see them and hear them as they are. How could we NOT see them and hear them after all? It seems impossible to us that they could not know what is so obvious right? Some of us don't even think of this to question such an obvious thing in the first place. Why would we? Basically, they are not giving us credit for the intelligence and awareness we have, AND we are giving THEM too much credit for an intelligence and awareness they DON'T have.

In other words, because the premise upon which they are basing their beliefs about us is reversed, their understanding of the situation is also reversed., and the result is ALL the roles, including those played by the group members, is also reversed. "Reality" has been defined as it's exact opposite and that is why we can't make any sense of it. We are actually right. It doesn't make sense. The group is wrong abut both us and the aggressor, and because they are, they are reacting emotionally to the illusion that has been created and NOT to the reality of the situation.

Many of us become aware of our protagonist's hidden agenda and try to tell others involved but are not believed, in part, because the groupthink is very hard to penetrate and those who abuse us of course, won't admit to it. The result of our legitimate complaint is often an increase in pressure and a renewed attack on us from the group which now defends the aggressor, in order to protect the whole group which has acted out in it's contempt of the victim at the aggressor's direction. It is being alone and on the receiving end of this group insanity that breaks many of us.

Individuals are constantly being placed in a position between the proverbial rock and the hard place, since the more we tell the truth, the more it is heard as our "imagination" or our "symptoms." In my own case, the decision to keep silent about the attack was actually acted out by the same group that was involved in the attack in the first place, including stating the reason for that decision was so that I would have to think I had "imagined" it all! How's that for group delusion at it's finest? They STILL believe they have the superior minds for that groupthink decision and they are also still deluding themselves that I don't know them for who they obviously are.

It is ironic that the mental illness system in general, understands that secrecy enables abuse, yet they themselves, who all too frequently support the aggressors in our lives who having successfully conned THEM as well , order US to remain silent. Failure to keep the silence imposed upon us is judged by them to be "inappropriate behaviour" on OUR part.

This is the victim's point of view: It is being ordered to keep silent that is inappropriate behaviour and an outrageous abuse of power on the part of the mental illness system. Let me preach back to that system: If "there is no reality, only perception," as you are all becoming so increasingly fond of saying, then WHY are you trying to insist that your perception of "reality" is the real one for US? By doing so, are you not contradicting yourselves?

This is one of the things we need to expose, all over the world, to help wake up the masses of blind followers to the truth about this frequent, and frightening, group stupidity and arrogance.


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