Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Faulty Premise

The Cause Of Much Chaos

By Patricia Lefave, Labelled, D.D.(P)

Groups of people who like to think they represent what it is to be ''normal'' also like the think they are ''objectively observing'' someone who is their ''inferior'' whom THEY understand better and who does NOT understand him/herself or them.

What they are actually doing is ''observing'' someone who DOES understand his/herself and them, knows he/she is being ''observed'', and is also aware the group is subjectively projecting their own lack of understanding onto the individual.
The group does not believe they don't understand, because they have agreed together that they do.

One of the first things they ''think'' they understand is that other people's reality can be defined by groupthink and that no input from their ''inferior'', the one being evaluated by the group, is even necessary. This reality reversal which becomes inescapable for the individual under their ''observation'' often occurs after one person with a hidden agenda of domination, convinces the group members that the situation between him and his targeted victim is the exact opposite. Basically, this is the old bait and switch con.

Once that has been done, everything said and done by the victim after that is heard by the group as the exact opposite in meaning. This is because it is all heard in relation to the false premise of the hearer's beliefs about it. All information is filtered through that faulty premise until or unless someone recognizes the truth which changes the meaning back into the reality it always was. Unless that happens the group will continue to believe the opposite as indicated below:
When the targeted individual states that people are talking about her, the people DOING the talking hear a symptom in HER, instead of a perfectly simple straightforward statement of fact about themselves and their perfectly obvious behaviour.

There is no real communication in situations like this and their is usually none wanted either. To see the truth, the group would have to give up it's collective delusion of grandeur instead of assigning their own traits to the target. Such groups simply don't know how to relate as equals as equal human beings and don't really want to do so, especially with someone they are having such pleasure looking down upon. As the target in this, if you understand your protagonist and the group he manipulates, at least your own confusion in the situation will end.

In my own case, my protagonist who set me up as his target ''switched positions right from the start and presented himself as the victim and me as the aggressor. He planned it and I have actual proof of that which is being ignored and/or hidden by the mental illness system which actually employs him.

To understand better how this works, imagine yourself in both positions; first as the victim/target trying to tell the group the truth they will not accept, and then,

As a group member; trying to convince the victim/target she is ''sick'' but just won't accept the ''truth'' which you and the group genuinely believe you understand because you have been convinced by the aggressor that he is the victim.

Now turn your attention away from both the group and the target and start understanding the true arrogant aggressor who is in fact, feeling very smug and satisfied about conning EVERYONE involved. It is very common for the aggressors in these situations to play everyone they involve off against each other. As is stated specifically in my own protagonists "special" training, "it's about domination." This generically stated covert power game IS the problem and always was the problem.
Do the psychiatrist really WANT to solve this? Then stop blaming the victims for our awareness of abuse, turn around, look very closely at the aggressor, focus, and start handing the responsibility for the abuse ( not the abuse itself ) BACK to the duplicitous aggressors where it has always belonged. THAT is how you will break the chain reaction if that is what you truly want to do. If you don't want that, then stop conning everyone about it.
In my own situation, though I am seen by most people who have involved themselves as "stupid," I am the only one who actually understands It. I understand it better than the jerk who set me up in the first place. Your inability to understand me does not, necessarily, make ME the "stupid" one. Why do you automatically assume that it does?

Many labelled people believe that psychiatrists are all fully aware of this, just as they believe all the group members who involve themselves in these events are fully aware of what they do. The fact of it is MOST of them are not aware of what is really going on between aggressor and victim, as they have been as thoroughly deceived by this kind of aggressor with the hidden agenda as anyone. Psychiatrists have been professionally trained to be unaware of the truth that is right in front of them. People "claim" they were abused because they were abused. Period. There is no "hidden meaning" to find. Ask yourselves why you need to look for it.

The result of accepting the faulty premise is the same for all of us who are targeted by such aggressor and who cannot be heard, whether the aggressor in each case actually PAID someone to train them to be that way, or not.

Most aggressors seem to develop strategies for domination quite spontaneously with no "special" training program at all, although I admit a number of them seem to have attended Ivy league schools. What we have ended up with as 'reality" and by "we" I mean all of humanity, not just those of us being defined as "defective," is a surreal world in which those who understand the most are being kept mystified by those who understand the least and whose main interest seems to be control and maintenance of the lopsided status quo.
Priding themselves on what they believe is their ability to make sense of the senseless they pity us for being "unable" to do the same. Instead, they "assess" our "confusion" over what they cannot see, to be a sign of OUR lack of intelligence. Never do they seem to suspect that the "confusion" is caused by their own unconscious projection.

Soon to come:

Concrete clarification using myself and the involvement of my own city as the case in point.

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flawedplan said...

This was brilliant. You really understand these dynamics, and I've no doubt have paid a dear price for that understanding. Your words carry experiential authority, keep at it.