Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Hidden Nature Of Some Unseen Evils

Some New Food For Thought

By Patricia Lefave, Labelled, D.D.(P)

See if the following statement sounds at all familiar to you:

"I don't have to choose to be an aggressor. I can stay within my own boundaries and be open, honest, and self defined. I don't have to act out my suppressed, or repressed, emotions on surrogates. I don't have to justify targeting people for attack because I need to believe I am "superior" or that they "deserve" it, or that they are causing me to do it, TO them. I can stop this lousy behaviour. I can apologize for the things done to others, admit I am wrong when I am, show contrition, and make amends. I can do that whether anyone forgives me or not. I can stop finding the fault in my victims for failing to forgive me, and start finding it in myself for failing to be sorry for what I have done to them. I can care about others as well as myself, without perceiving it as an either /or choice."

This is the role opposite the victim. How often do we hear this or hear most of the mental health profession recommending it to aggressors? Rarely? Never?
Maybe if psychiatry spent even half as much time harping away at the abusers to show contrition, and stop the violating of others, as they do telling the victims (who are not "allowed" to call themselves victims, since that would be "blaming others") to "forgive" their unrepentant aggressors, "things" would start to be resolved for everyone.

If there is no aggressor then there is no victim either and both parties will no longer have a problem. But to claim now that really there ARE NO victims is to also deny there are any aggressors. The concrete reality of our mutual existence demonstrates for us a very different truth. In it, is both good and evil.

The only concept the Spirit of Evil really needs to sell to humanity to obtain power and control is the concept that it does not, Itself, exist. For if It does not exist, then the fault can ONLY exist in those who believe, supposedly "falsely," that It does exist. It is then free to do whatever It wishes while "hidden" in plain sight. This is how a snare is set. A snare is a circular trap.
The ''snake", or serpent which swallows it's own tail (or tale) This is also the paradox which captures, and holds, many people in a system which can't accept the existence of either "evil," or just blind stupidity and ignorance either.

I have, like many of you, been inside Spirit; heard, and participated in the debate of the collective consciousness, which to those who have not had the experience, is still the unconscious.
Though in the beginning of time there is no division of good and evil and, in the end, there is no division, in between the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, there is this Holy War, fought with spirit, on the level of Spirit, and not with physical power or weapons on the physical level. This is the meaning of Armageddon to me. Armageddon is the battle for truth (God if you prefer) fought by our collective souls connected together for either good or evil. In the end good wins and because it does, so does evil...the paradox reversed.

But, that does not mean we can sit here and do nothing to bring it about. Bringing it about from here and now is WHY good wins. For Christians it is said as "take up thy cross." Does religious type language make you nervous or turn you off? Then change it to whatever jargon suits you. You can understand that "taking up the cross" is one way of saying the same thing which can be said in many different ways. If another way of expressing the same thoughts suits you better personally, use that. Let's not get all hung up on the form of expression so that the choice of words divides us.

There is work to be done and hard work and many of the people named "the schizophrenics" are the ones doing it. It is truth which the Spirit of Evil fights against as an adversary. In Christianity that spirit is named Satan or Devil and is defined as "the father of the Lie." Whether you believe in the "devil" or not, you CAN understand the adversarial spirit; it lives all around us, in human beings, in our daily lives. We also know that lies cause a great deal of damage to people who don't ''deserve'' to suffer for it.

Many of us must constantly fight the constant lie which is used to dominate us. That lie is : "No one must ever be held accountable. We can't hold "others" accountable for their behaviour." This rule seems to apply all the time to some, and yet never at all to those who apply it constantly to those ''others.''
Does that sound reasonable to you? No. Of course not!

This is the Shadow, these words uttered as soon as the abused one tries to complain or protest their treatment for the abuse, which everyone around them often feels compelled to deny even exists. This is also what keeps the dysfunction recycling, generation after generation, by blaming the victim and excusing the perpetrator; reality turned around 180 degrees, and very few can get past the "no blaming" rule for even the instant it takes to become aware of it, and what employing it, universally, actually does to the nature of "reality."

Blame means; "to hold accountable." If stated the way it is above, definition first, sounds odd or ridiculous to you, ask yourself why using the word "blame" doesn't sound that way. If we all said, "No one must be held accountable" every time someone complained of their boundaries being violated, wouldn't that sound stupid? Yet, that is the exact definiton of the word. So why do so many of us automatically respond to hearing complaints of abuse by stopping the complaint as fast as if someone had pushed a stimulus-response button in our minds, issuing a pre-recorded message?

Who taught us that to complain of abuse was the bigger, or sometimes the only, problem? If we look closely, we often find the first time we were told that, it was the abuser him or herSelf that taught us the rule which allowed the abuser to excuse him or herself and to keep right on behaving the same way, without any change or contrition necessary. After that, everytime we heard it from anyone, we heard it for the same reason, in the same way, whether those who repeated it to us, understood that or not.

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