Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Simple Truth For Simple Minds

BY Patricia Lefave, Labelled, D.D.(P)

To understand the mindless group, you only need to understand ONE of them.
So, here's one.

A sanctimonious, judgemental, hateful "normal" woman sits in the library spewing her venom at me, through the listening ear of another, from six feet away. To the one sitting beside her, she assesses me and my situation like so:
"She should be ashamed of herself! " (sniff) she judges, her mouth twisted in contempt, "humiliating and degrading herself by throwing herself at him like that!"

My judge does not know me at all and had no part in the event she misjudges. She is one of the town rumour spreaders. There are MANY. Nevertheless, she is certain that she understands my life and experience far better than I do. Should I decide to confront that hate filled face and suggest to her where she might put that arrogant attitude of hers, it will be considered "inappropriate behaviour" on MY part according to my expert diagnosticians.

This "normal" woman however, does not get corrected for HER behaviour. You know why? because when I told the experts that this contempt fest grew to include thousands of people all over the city, that "perception" of mine was understood to be a "symptom" supposedly proving I am a mental case, just as my protagonist suggested. So, the more I told the truth, the more I was heard and assessed by the mindless groupthinkers to be either a liar, or a lunatic.
My protagonist planned this assault by baiting me "covertly" with one version of "reality" and also baiting the group (again covertly) which was to attack me on his behalf, with an opposing version of the same reality.

After he got It going, he pulled out of the so called "game" and basically enjoyed watching the action between the group and his target, just as he had experienced in the organization which trained. I have had concrete proof of this since July of 99. I told the hospital which employs him what he was doing long before the public attack caused my breakdown. I told many psychiatrists also. It has done no good at all. One of them even told me outright that it was not "realistic" of me to think the mental health professionals and the staff "wouldn't admit to anything as it would not be in their interests to do so." I couldn't believe what I was hearing most of the time. I kept thinking they really were joking, as I had been led to believe. I kept looking for integrity in them and had a lot of trouble finding it.

Of course, the sanctimonious mouthpiece at the Library here doesn't know any of this. After all it has all been kept "confidential." (secret) Since the hospital has concealed or literally pushed aside the evidence, it is unlikely she will ever hear the real truth. The information that would make sense of it all has been kept missing. Unless the truth comes out publicly, the abused and the abuser will continue be seen as in the roles opposite of reality.This of course, is the basis of the nurse's so called "game" as he was trained to "play" it. It is all spelt out in many places now in books and on Websites. This was the means employed by the nurse to get me out of his circle of power. As has been said by others, "the power is real."

It is the mental illness system itself which has silenced my complaints of this abuse, threatened me further, allowed the losses to grow and protected my abuser and the group which supported him. This silencing is what has kept it going indefinitely. Half the population of this city knows about it too and many have said of it while standing right near me, "who cares......" It is concealed for the sake of appearances, or to promote the "false image" over reality, as is so often true in groups which DON'T profess to be representing "mental health." It is definitely political and not medical. When those who are in the business of defining reality and good character for others, are ALSO the ones who are denying reality, and denying even evidence, the absurdity factor climbs right off the scale.

Back to Mrs. "Normal" Sanctimonious as we watch her struggle to put one and one together in her unsuccessful attempt to get two. She doesn't know apparently that she is visible or audible to me from six feet away, since she has assessed me, in her imagined wisdom, as "stupid." Even if she did know she would not care, since Mrs. Sanctimonious is quite certain that I am getting just what I "deserve." If, or when, I report directly the behaviour of Mrs. Sanctimonious to psychiatry, it will only be invalidated again as my perception problem, since it would not be considered "reasonable" for Mrs. S. to be behaving the way she is, judging and spewing venom at someone she actually doesn't even know. (which is certainly true; it IS unreasonable) So, someone in this must be unreasonable right?

Psychiatry has been taught that groups don't behave this way, so they conclude that this cannot be a group thinking and behaviour problem, but rather an individual's perception and reaction problem. Therefore, the system, by design, very often treats the effects rather than the causes.

Now, coincidentally, the nurse who "set me up" (which he has heard in his secret training is OK because "there is no right or wrong" anyway) gets whatever he wants, and controls people by "being unreasonable." That's the intent of the use of the power; domination. As stated, inside his training. So, now that I am all officially psychiatrized for this and no one ever responds to anything I say, Mrs. Sanctimonious, and all those just like her, often say, from six feet away, "They think people are talking about them. It means they are seeking fame. They like to blame the whole world for their troubles, don't they?" cluck cluck cluck...From my perspective on this (as the nurse's training would put it) "the world" which apparently Mrs. S. "thinks" she represents, sure does like to avoid being blamed for anything doesn't it? It will go so far as to suppress any evidence that it SHOULD be blamed and that it is to blame. Mrs. Sanctimonious, blinded by her arrogance and her error, does not recognize HERSELF as one of the contemptuous people who are DOING all the talking, all the "nuts" like myself "think" we are hearing! The circle, or, as the nurse calls it in his training for power, Pi.

My report of her and people like her, is a perfectly straight forward statement of an obvious fact, that neither she, not the psychiatric establishment are capable of hearing as just plain reality. Reinforcing their belief system is the fact that if she were to be asked by anyone if she did it, she would most likely claim she did not, and perhaps even throw in a little righteous indignation about even being asked. That is called , A Lie, psychiatry. Have you ever heard of those? They are sometimes, perhaps more often than you might think, uttered by a lot of really classy people.

There are many people who are "out of touch" with reality. In my own experience though, the most severely "out of touch" rarely get to wear the psychiatric labels. More often, they are those who have now come to represent what it is to be "normal."

Reality is very often defined by group consensus, a sort of democratic vote for denial of, and resistance to, a truth the normal masses would rather not know, about both us and themselves. The fact is, that we who are the psychiatrized are going to have to spell it out for the sanctimonious, in pedantic details. We are going to have to tell those who consider themselves to be the "normal" ones, obvious truths that any six year old would recognize with no difficulty.

I found it extraordinarily difficult to bend my mind around such obvious nonsense. I could not believe that adult human beings could be this blind to either themselves or me. The "normal" have added so many layers of denial, alterations, fabrications and complications to simple and obvious truth that to THEM, it is like looking for the pearl in an ocean full of oysters. We are going to have to press into their hand, while they fight furiously, for as long as they can, to avoid looking at It. We must keep repeating back to them the perfectly obvious; the simpler the better.

Perhaps, if enough of us say it often enough, in enough different ways, from enough angles of approach, for long enough, we will finally manage to break this dysfunctional spell, that keeps the "normal" people blind to the alternate reality, the "other "Earth of their own creation. They do not want to know that they themselves have manufactured "the Alien-Nation."

As for my own "case," twelve years later, the daily public commentary on my life, mind, motivations, understanding etc. continues. Not one person has admitted to anything nor told me directly, what they've done, heard, or what they think they understand. There is still, despite my never ending requests for disclosure, no direct communication with anyone. Nevertheless, they have continued discussing everything they have "heard" with everyone else they know. Those who have been acting it out for me daily, the entire time, STILL don't connect their own actions with my reporting of those actions, which were then psychiatized for me (Delusional, Paranoid) in order to get everyone else involved off the hook.

Many of the psychiatrized believe it is impossible for this many people to be this stupid for this long. I also once believed it was a deliberate and fully conscious attempt by the whole group to break me, mostly for the entertainment of watching the process occur. Or that perhaps it was being done so that the psych. students at the university could have the educational experience of watching someone being driven mad to see, up close, how it looked. It WAS a deliberate act by a few; notably one person in particular, with the ever popular hidden agenda.

The fact is, the more people who get involved in the groupthink, the faster and lower the collective I.Q. seems to drop, and the more fabrication, misdirection, disinformation (lies) and inappropriate affects are produced by the whole group. They dopier they get, the more certain of their "superiority" they tend to get.

When it finally dawns on them (if it does) that they have been seen and heard in plain sight, they "disavow any knowledge of their actions." (I use this because one of my psychiatrized friends compared it to "Mission: Impossible" which is how he feels after trying to break through the resistance for decades.) Of course, when the "sane" people hear that they usually don't understand it so they call it my "delusion."

So, I keep holding up the Mirror for the local yokels and some of them have started to catch a glimpse of those hateful faces they keep making at me, as well as a closer view of those mouths yapping away, every single day, as they have for the last twelve years or so, while observing this specimen here from behind their mostly invisible social masks. In fact, some of the library staff members have got the observation pose down so well, I'd swear they are ex psychiatric hospital nurses. Perhaps they are. Or perhaps some of their own relatives still are, and still keeping everyone informed of all the latest developments. (while simultaneously denying it of course)

For when we have created a world of "them" and "us," "superior" and "inferior," "sane" and "insane," splitting reality itself is absolutely essential to maintaining that group delusion.


Anonymous said...

Hi Patricia

The most effective way to reduce the power of any group is to boycott it. I don't know why you waste so much time and energy on your mad neighbours, those Local Yokels: why don't you just either completely ignore them or just move away from them. Sane people do not fight against lunatics...

Patricia, L. said...

It is pretty hard to "boycott" whole communities. Boycotts only work if there are enough people to apply pressure, to force change. Ignoring this is not enough. I believe it needs to be brought into full public awareness. "Moving away" allows people to avoid looking at things and I get to take my nice label with me. As far as "fighting against lunatics goes"..if that is true, what is the mental illness system doing, exactly?

Anonymous said...

The Mental Illness System is doing the bidding of the Status Quo by stifling the voices of those who have been scapegoated by their highly-repressed but mad famlies and making BIG BUCKS in the process!!!