Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Attention! Members Of The Psychiatric Faith

By Patricia Lefave, Labelled, D.D.(P)

''Francois De La Roche Foucault wrote:
'We are so accustomed to disguising ourselves to others that in the end we are disguised to ourselves.''

Agent Gideon, Criminal Minds

Messages off the T.V. Are now being delivered to some of you (''Them'', ''The Others'') from some of ''Us.'' These messages are for those of you who have a TRUE interest in psycho-spiritual healing.(Of course some of you are so intelligent, that I am sure you would not even OWN a television machine. )''Lost'' is a metaphor about ''Them'' and ''Us.''

The Voice Over Narrative from ''Lost: The Reckoning''

''Can you survive on faith alone? The fight for survival will continue for on thei island there are the survivours and there are the 'others.' ( The others have a list of our names. Why do you think they are doing this? Why do they attack us?)
A father separated from his son. A call for help. An act of desperation. A new day dawns and the same threat remains. And as conflict with the ''others'' grows closer, some questions may be answered. When it's all on the line, where do you stand? Do you listen to reason or rely on faith? How do you know?
What do y0u do when your faith is put to the test? trapped in the ''hatch'' and no way out; who do you trust? With crisis comes discovery but where does it all lead?
Can you survive on faith alone? Or do you take matters into your own hands; to right what is wrong.
What would you do? ''

One of the ''crash'' victims who is now on the island where an experiment has been running for years, was an ''invalid'', ''disabled,'' who became able to walk again and got out of his wheelchair. He is now in this completely different environment. His name isn't John Locke for no reason. The same applies to ''Rousseau.'' Pay attention. These are the messages off the T.V. for all you rocket scientists out there in the world of ''reality.''

We who have been forced to live in metaphor because our truth could not be heard, have become the masters of metaphor quite consciously now, even though that was not always the case, and some are still working their way through it. Or TRYING to. Psychosis is a real altered state which is, (or would be) a passing state, if the trip is completed.

If you force me to choose a ''side'' with which to identify, I choose the victims' side. In general, they are a much nicer, and a more honest group of people than most of the ''others'' who presume to ''save'' us from ur ''delusions'' of abuse, by abusing us until we deny it; like they do.

So, for a time, I must choose to be Cassandra, ''disabled'' by force and manipulation, so that one day we will all get out of those wheelchairs and at last, be seen and heard as we have always truly been.Are you getting it yet? Local public chatter has it that you finally will.

If you still have trouble understanding It, I could act as interpreter for you. You know that rumour also has it that I am ''psychic,'' which only means that I can see ahead to what's coming better than most people.Want to learn how to see more connections between things which, at first glance, don't seem connected?Read, ''In The Sleep Room: The Story Of The C.I.A. Experiments In Canada by Anne Collins. If you think of It as cause and effect having been switched around, one hundred and eighty degrees, and still running on that false premise, you will start to understand It. ''We'' are trying to tell you something that you have been trained NOT to hear.Perhaps, you can be startled into the awareness of the reality which has always been all around you. The truth will set you, and ''Us,'' free. Don't look away from It. ''Them'' and ''Us'' don't need to remain forever Lost.


Know what psychiatrists were called before they were called psychiatrists? "Alienists."The current dictionary definition of the word is:"A psychiatrist, especially one who is considered to be an expert by the court."

Can't help but wonder if a "consumer" (perhaps more realistically defined as the consumed) might not have heard that while altered and repeated the truth back to those who could not hear the reality of it?---like perhaps the ''alienist'' himself? "Aliens are trying to take over control of our minds." Isn't that just exactly what the alien(ists) are trying to do?

Ewen Cameron, M.D. ''Chief'' of the Allan Memorial Intitute in the ''Sleep Room'' story mentioned above, was a Sci-fi fan who read ''Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. His colleagues stated they recognized his ''therapy'' plan as right out of this book, and this plan is what was supported by the American C.I.A.
George Orwell knew of Cameron and was also connected to news of the experiment, which inspired him to write ''1984'' as a forward looking projection of things to come, based upon what was, in fact, going on in reality. Orwell had "been working as a propagandist at the B.B.C. and noted in his diary a dark thought that was an obvious precursor to Nineteen Eighty-four, his novel of mind control,'all propoganda is lies, even when one is telling the truth.'"

Ewen Cameron, M.D. was an old friend of William Sargant, the British psychiatrist who wrote of post war aims in "Battle For The Mind." This book, which I had read long ago when I had developed an interest in the goings on in cults, was very useful to me in understanding the minds of psychiatrists as well. In it Sargant states, "The problem of the doctor and his nervously ill patient and that of the religious leader who sets out to gain and hold new converts, has now become the problem of whole groups of nations who wish not only to confirm certain political beliefs within their boundaries, but to proselytize the outside world."

We nuts who are put through this sort of therapy, or it's offshoots, ''coincidentally'' see and hear the same connections. We who are judged to see what is not there, actually see what IS there, which those who invalidate our perceptions and reactions to it, no longer seem capable of seeing for themselves. I would bet that many of the ''experts'' have never even known the reality of it.

Paranoid (and Psychic) Patty Predicts:
In the not too distant future, you will look back in time and see through the centuries, not just months or paltry decades, that on the psycho-spiritual level, transcending space/time itself, what you in your certainty, declared to be nonsense, all makes perfect sense.
The truth of that will astound you. It will also teach you that being human is much more than being a "machine" or a bag of chemical responses; that in fact, it transcends the boundaries of the merely physical. Don't you believe me?Paranoid Patty predicts the day will come when you will. But, as my personal protagonist's "hero" states, "You will have to get it for yourselves. Reality is that which you (will) experience."

In psychosis in 95, I said to the "others," "If we all work together we can push back the force that's trying to overpower us." How do we do that? Public exposure of our collective reality.

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