Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Circle of Group Insanity…

Enabled and Maintained By the Denial of it’s Existence
By Patricia Lefave, D.D.(P)

I am the identified patient.
If it wasn’t such a serious issue I would be tempted to laugh at that, especially when I look at all the lunatics involved in my psychiatrization.
The term ‘identified patient’ is used in psychology to describe the individual member of a group who is showing the most obvious signs of distress. It is also the one who will most often receive the label from psychiatry which will define the group’s problem as the individual’s perception and/or reaction problem.
I am still caught in what my psychotic symbolism told me was ‘the Loop of Destruction.’ The symbolism of my psychosis was absolutely accurate in it’s terms as was confirmed for me six years later. No one will be able to tell me ever again that psychosis has no meaning. But, those who told me that are still telling me, and others, the same thing and they are also still refusing to accept my information, including concrete evidence about who and what caused it.

The denial of my reality no longer shocks me as it once did, because I can see what the GROUP insanity is really all about.
I understood most of the group phenomenon before I was targeted by a nurse at work, who was trained to manipulate people to perform this act. I have real proof of that, which has been ignored or suppressed by his employer, the psychiatric hospital where we both worked. He as regular staff; myself as a health care agency contract worker.

It wasn’t until I got caught in psychiatry’s maze of tautological arguments that I really understood the whole thing from beginning to end. When I first saw the whole truth, it shocked and horrified me. It STILL horrifies me because I know that millions of people are still caught in the same metaphysical snare of group irrationality that I am and many of them understand it too. It horrifies me but it no longer shocks me. You get used to stupidity and verbal abuse when you can’t stop it. You have to get used to it.

Our collective experience is not heard. So we fight on in what seems like an endless and hopeless attempt to explain the perfectly obvious, in the hope that one day, some ‘expert’ somewhere, will wake up to the reality of abuse by groups of people who are enabled to do, and to continue what they do, largely because of psychiatry’s denial of it. Psychiatry routinely denies reality and reinvents it as an imaginary disease process, neatly contained within an individual, unrelated to society as a whole. If you are on the receiving end of this diagnostic witch hunt, you will not be able to find a way out. All exits have been blocked by the system. When you become aware of that for the first time, that awareness may well be the trigger for your breakdown (‘decompensation’, psychosis) which even AS you are fragmenting, unable to escape, you will KNOW that those who are defining you as inherently defective will then use as ‘proof’ of their Faith in their own training.

Like any cult member who is a True Believer, they are deaf and blind to any meaning outside of that in which they have been trained to believe.
There is a painting in the hallway of Homewood Health Centre. On it superimposed over a shining scene of light is one word, “Believe.”
One day as a patient walked by that corner he said, “Believe what?”
If only psychiatrists knew that was a question that needed to be asked, we might all escape from this mess, even them. They don’t ask such questions because they are sure they already have all the answers they need.

In this post, I will draw them a verbal picture of the circle of group insanity. I know that unless they can see the whole picture from outside of it, they can’t see it at all. For now, they, believing themselves to be the highest minds, are inside the group insanity but they do not know it.

We who are the psychiatrized are going to have to draw them a lot of very obvious pictures. I suggest we use verbal crayons as it is not the complex that they don’t understand but rather the simple obvious truth. We need to teach them how to colour reality in all it’s true shades and to stay inside the lines of discernment which are there to keep separate identities while looking at the big picture.

In this essay, I will draw you the circle of my personal experience with group insanity. It reminds me of the children’s song,

“ The Song That Never Ends.” This is the game that never ends. It just goes on and on my friends. Some people started playing it not knowing what it was, and they continue playing it, forever, just because, this is the game that never ends. It never ends because the participants don’t recognize themselves AS participants. They don’t recognize they are in a ’game’ they don’t understand, nor do they recognize me as the one who does understand it. Instead, they see my reality as the opposite just as the guy who started it all intended that they should. That is because those who have co-operated with it have kept their silence about the truth to save themselves from negative consequences, while continuing to blame me for seeing and hearing the obvious. It has grown throughout the whole community which has kept going by all the gossip mongering which has been going for at least thirteen years now . This is the ‘chain reaction’ as demonstrated in my protagonist’s training.
Those involved see no connection between their own behaviour and my reporting of it or reactions to it.

The big green monster sits in the town square where it’s existence is totally denied by everyone who carefully step around it so as not to awaken the beast of Unpleasant truth. I am like the child who states, “but the emperor has o clothes.” Except that in THIS time and place, unlike in the fairy tale of the same name, the townsfolk NEVER admit it’s the obvious truth. Instead, they now ‘diagnose’ the child with O.D.D. (My what an odd child who does not defer to ‘authority’) or perhaps with A.D.H.D.. The child who states the obvious these days must now be forced to accept the definition of reality chosen for him by those who are ‘normal’ and who never stop praising the emperor’s new clothes. For it is those who praise nonsense, on demand, who are now considered to be ‘good’ citizens, willingly subjecting themselves to a perception of reality as defined for them by their self deluded emperor.

The circle of insanity is a loop, an infinite loop, that keeps on repeating itself, and will continue to do so until the majority recognizes that the whole loop is constructed of nonsense right from the starting point. Mine goes like this:

My protagonist the psychiatric nurse, set me up for an attack by his co-workers by setting them up to believe the reality between us was the exact opposite. He presented me as an aggressor and himself as my victim. This set up was not known by either myself or them until after all the damage was done. He put them in a state of mind which resulted in their putting on an embarrassing display of abuse towards me when I was innocent and he knew it. Since he started this in a psychiatric hospital they naturally tend to hear everything as ‘mental illness’ and react to the suggestion like automatons. Briefly then, it went like this.

First, the statement that I was ‘set up’ was automatically denied and redefined as my paranoia and delusions by those assessing a situation they never really understood anything about in the first place.

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