Sunday, July 23, 2006

Being “Tested” by the Blind

By Patricia Lefave, Labeled, D.D.(P)

Let me give you an example of how the system operates.
A doctor decides to ‘test’ me through an idiot at work, by giving me a question to answer. It is an existential type question that can only be answered by shifting the meaning.

Psychiatry reasons like this:
If the doctor knows how to answer the question, he’s a genius.
If I know how to answer the same question, exactly the same way mind you, I’m a mental case.

Another episode in the splitting of reality itself at the nexus of meaning.
“Then’ and “Us’ has been made to appear in our concrete reality and all “It’s institutions.

We who often look puzzled at the anti-logic in this REALLY DON’T understand. This is another true statement and it’s what we don’t understand that makes us different from those who decide FOR us just what it is we don’t understand. What we don’t understand and what they ‘think’ we don’t understand is not the same thing. It would be beyond their imaginings to believe we actually understand it better than they do.


Sara said...

What's the question?

Patricia, L. said...

I was told, "I have a question for you."
What is it"?, I asked.
"I want you to take this pen (a blue ball point) and write the answer in green."
The expected questions and answers followed until I agreed to shift around in a way that would allow me to answer. I wrote the words, "in green." Apparently that is when I passed the little 'test' and the group assault followed until I broke and earned my psychiatric label. .