Monday, July 24, 2006

Hiding In Plain Sight

Photo From Woodland Opera House Theatre

By Patricia Lefave, Labeled, D.D.(P)

I am still amazed and fascinated by the group delusion of ‘concealment’. It is like looking through an invisible wall the group members believe they have constructed, from behind which they can do or say anything, without being seen or heard. They ‘hide’ from us in plain sight.

I still have the sense of the surreal as I observe them, observing me, but it is no longer a shock to see their group madness (which they deny) that it once was. That was back in the days when I was looking for reason where there was no reason.
Still, it has been hard to accept what I HAVE accepted, that these people have no idea they are perfectly visible.

Psychiatrists don’t believe that groups of people do what they do.
I was searching the Internet for a photo I could use for free of group behavior to use as a visual aid for them, when I came across one of an old lynching in the southern States. It was very graphic and showed a black man named “Will’ who had been selected to be the guilty rapist of a white woman. His murderers were gathered around his tortured dead body. The mob members knew they were having their picture taken, ant there, in black and white, were the ones whose eyes were visibly glowing in amusement and with the rush of power, happy smiles of satisfaction on their mad faces. I am sure they considered themselves to be the sane ones too and may even have gone directly to church after all the ‘fun.’

How is it that the world cannot acknowledge this except from a safe distance away when it does not involve them?
In my own case, I still see the same people, much of the time still smirking and commenting freely, in my presence, eyes all aglow with the same brand of amusement, and still considering themselves to be ‘hiding’ from me, while they make up more and more stories and pass them along through the mad grapevine to all the other ‘normal’ people. So while my own experience has not been taken to this extreme, at least, not so far for it is only death threats of the ‘uttered’ variety that have been my problem, I see the seeds of that kind of mindless hatred within it.

Many of the locals now state in my presence that they do not know what to believe now, as their own stories, now modified, added to, deducted from, or spun around, now are coming back to them for reappraisal. They still do not know what ‘Talk directly to me’ means (those who have been asked by me to do so) and even if they did, they wouldn’t, because as one of my employer’s office staff ‘explained’ to me in 99, “They do that because they don’t really want to talk to you.” She ‘explained’ that to me right after I was forced into the system again, and then labeled delusional and paranoid because I “thought” people were doing that! The psychiatrist just knew it was my PERCEPTION of that that was the real problem. It only meant that I was ‘seeking fame.’

So I have a question for the experts then about this. My question is, If the office employee ‘thinks’ it actually occurs, (and she obviously does since she was explaining WHY it does to dull witted me) shouldn’t she also be diagnosed and ‘helped’ with her similar delusions?

In my own case, thirteen years after this started, I still get to watch all the little smirks, and flashes of high amusement, and the lowered eyes of those who continue to act it out all over town, in my presence.

I especially enjoy the surreal spectacle provided by those who have conversations about it on the phone while I sit in the room with them listening and observing them, believing that if I can only hear their side of the conversation, I will not know what they are talking about. You have no idea how many times I have experienced that.

Most of the world, I think, is living in a surreal fantasy abut a fundamental ‘difference’ between human beings, divided neatly into a ‘them’ and ‘us’, that doesn’t exist anywhere except in their own minds.

The amount of time and energy they are willing to put into the maintenance of the group delusion is almost beyond belief.
The reality is I have spent the last thirteen years or me, listening to endless mindless B.S. about me as ‘created and defined by the people who have denied they did it, while calling me crazy for knowing they did it, and they know that I know that. The result of this ‘switch’ is the group ends up blaming the victim for refusing to let go of the truth and excuses itself for refusing to face the It.

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