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Reveal and Heal: Proverbs and Observations: One

BY Patricia Lefave, Labelled, D.D.(P)


Am I, or the others crazy?
Albert Einstein

We learn backwards but must live forwards.

No one can "fix" what they cannot (Or aren't "allowed") to see and trying to "fix" something (or someone) which was not 'broken" in the first place just doesn't work. If you try either if those, you make a mess of your own creation.

(but, at least it will keep you busy with a full time very secure job)

If you have been taught to take nothing I say at face value, and to hear metaphors (whether deliberate or from an altered state) as meaningless, in what way is it EVER going to be possible for me to really communicate with you? Why do you not know or care about this? ‘Alienists’ is a very good term for this profession. I think you should have kept it.

One of the most interesting things about chronic gossips is their belief that those they engage with are NOT gossiping about them in just the same way they are gossiping about others. Instead, they all tend to think they are operating ‘covertly’ and all present a plastic ‘fa├žade’ intended to ‘fool’ those others about whom they are all gossiping including each other. It is quite the comedy to behold. However, it stops being so 'amusing' when the same behaviour, denied, becomes the 'schizophrenic's 'hallucinated conversations.'

Psychiatry is probably the only profession on Earth that has managed to gain enough concrete power to dismiss anyone who challenges it’s beliefs simply by legally defining the challenger as ‘crazy’ and in doing so giving itself the right to totally control him or her, and justify itself, as a result.

This is one of the commandments used by dysfunctional groups of all kinds:

“Thou Shalt Not Be Aware”
We who are psychiatrized must agree to pretend that we do not know, what we DO know, so that those who already agreed to do that before us, without making such a big ‘fuss’ about it, like ‘we’ do, won’t have to be made to feel uncomfortable, by being forced to look at their own splitting off, in the mirror of our accurate reflections about it.

On Them and Us
We often get to hear this one after we describe to a psychiatrist what has happened to us, usually at the hands of others: "I believe that YOU believe it."

That's a convoluted way of saying, "I don't believe you," but without the honesty. The patient hears you very clearly even if you delude yourself that it is nicer that way. As the child in the movie the Sixth Sense would ask you,

"How are you going to help me if you don't believe me"?

More than that, why would you expect a patient to trust you after you demonstrate for us that you can't be trusted since what you say and what you believe frequently have no relationship to each other? Whose split consciousness is that?

If one is truly concerned about others in an integrated and healthy way, one is also concerned with Self.

If one is genuinely concerned about Self, then one is genuinely concerned about the other as well. They go together; they are not really opposites.

How Does the Mental Illness System Really Work?
Instead of altering the system to accommodate new understanding and legitimate evidence, it alters reality to accommodate the desires of the system, frequently by denying or suppressing any evidence to the contrary. This is so similar to how all dysfunctional groups do it that we often cannot believe what we are hearing.

Delusional Reversal:

Sometimes, this occurs in opposite directions at the same time.

The aggressor does not give his victim credit for the intelligence she actually has AND the victim gives the aggressor too much credit for an intelligence he does NOT have. When this is the case, reality is transformed into utter chaos.

On Being Somebody

It should be obvious to humanity that if we set ourselves up with a premise of needing to "make something of ourselves" which will affirm us as "successful" we must simultaneously create a definition of ourselves as "NOT successful" and NOT having "made something of ourselves." In doing so humanity turns life into a contest or adversarial relationship with others who, of necessity, must be included in either the "winning" group or the "losing" group, using the system of values it creates itself to determine that. This is the brand of judgement and the psychology which wars are built upon.

Calling The Psychiatrized:

You know when people stand a few feet away from you talking about you like you're not there? Or mocking, ridiculing, assessing you or spewing their undisguised contempt at you?

Well, most of the time, with the exception of the bullies who act out because they can get away with it, the people who do this have NO IDEA they are visible or audible to you.

I can hear you now muttering something incredulous at me.....I know; this is VERY hard to get your mind around because it is so obviously senseless and irrational. But, I am not kidding. That is what it is. The groups who do this suffer from what I like to call, "Large Group Stupidity Disorder."

It's Sign! A Sign!

I was riding on a bus last night when an S.U.V. pulled up alongside and passed us. On the rear bumper was a sticker which read:

''If the people will lead, the leaders will follow.''

I think that is just what all of us nuts need to do; lead the Leaders out of the mess they have made. Those leaders who don't follow will just have to get used to eating our dust as we leave them behind to the mental illness system's insane past.

I think we will have better luck with the psychiatric establishment if we can get as many people as possible to isolate THEM (the aggressors) for a change, until they decide to stop all that out and seeking of fame all the time.

Supported Talk:
From the comments of a dentist "Without Borders" speaking of third world people without dental or medical care:

"It's a wonderful thing to be able to do--to talk to people and be able to get the fear out of our bodies. There is nothing more helpful than being able to talk to other people about our problems and being supported in that."

Paranoid Patty's Commentary: As one of the psychiatrized I find myself agreeing with this dentist. Maybe we could ask him if he'd like to do a little Active Listening style counseling of psychiatrists on the 'side.'

The Double Standard:
It never ceases to amaze many of us how often those who create such rules of ''appropriate'' conduct like:

''What goes on inside these four walls, stays inside these four walls'' are themselves, constantly; talking about us behind our backs, manipulating others, frequently violating our personal boundaries and justifying it, complaining to others about our objections to it, and instructing others to keep the fact that they are doing it a ''secret,'' so as not to upset us, by ''allowing'' us to ''find out'' about them, even though our knowing about them, and what they are doing IS the problem about which we are ''whining and complaining'' in the first place!

This denial of the blatantly obvious is beyond human comprehension. Yet, generally, that is exactly what the majority which involve themselves, in what was never their business in the first place, support and enable with self righteous enthusiasm. This, while they continue to kid themselves that ''we'' are too stupid and/or crazy to be aware of them! It boggles the mind.

I remember telling my recovery therapist that some of the people in my life lied for ‘no reason at all,’ even when it would be just as easy to tell the truth.

I was wrong about that. There is a reason in what they do. The reason is to manipulate people. The reason is to manipulate peoples’ perception of reality to achieve their own ends. The reason is for the control and the defining of others in the definer’s terms.

I was looking for logic in people who are not operating on logic. But they ARE operating on anti-logic which is the reverse of logic, and is understandable in those terms. My failure to understand that before was MY error.

August 2005

I just heard something on a repeat "Oprah" which I decided we all need to think about. Dr. Mehmet Oz, a cardiologist, (the name was quite amusing to me as the locals are always comparing the search for a "cure" for schizophrenia to a trip to "Oz") stated that the two organs which are most alike chemically in our bodies are the brain and the bowel! He stated the chemicals in both are the same. I couldn't help but wonder if the expression "shit for brains" grew out of that knowledge? Perhaps my impression of myself as "the High Colonic", priestess to the Psychiatric Faith, here to bring the cure for psychiatry itself, is one of those mysteriously appropriate instances of psychic symbolism for which we nuts are all so well known....

If there is one thing I have learned it is that psychiatrists do not understand the absurdity of their own beliefs.

Point Of View

From the position of belief in inequality, what looks like strength from one side, always looks like weakness from the opposite side. It is very common for people to fail to see which side is which.

The person confined to a wheelchair who does not hate the one who taunts her, has strength which is a quantum leap ahead of the self deluded one who believes his need to invalidate HER and to try to get a reaction from her, "proves" HIS "superiority" to HER. It is reality that is very often beyond belief.

The System IS the Problem

The system is the snake swallowing its own tail. It feeds itself with itself, recreating over and over again the relationship it is trying to "cure." It does so because it does not recognize the relationship itself AS the problem. So, the more we talk, the less they hear....


What I find so difficult to understand about all of this is why psychiatrists find this so difficult to understand...???

The Good Consumer, the Bad Consumer, and the Ugly Reality
I once knew a man who suffered a psychotic break from the prolonged use of illegal street drugs and alcohol, which landed him in a '' health centre.'' (Previously known as psychiatric hospitals, sanitariums and insane asylums.)

Once past his crisis he was fortunate to find a psychiatrist who discovered for him an underlying cause for his psychotic episode and drug use; bad brain chemistry. To his further good fortune, his disease, though incurable, could now be treated successfully by taking certain prescribed legal drugs for the rest of his life.

The man was very relieved to get such a good diagnosis and to find a lasting treatment for it. He is a very satisfied ''consumer'' and frequently praises psychiatry for its help.

Unfortunately, there are many of us who don't get the same sense of satisfaction from our diagnoses. Our lack of satisfaction though is apparently a symptom, part of our denial, resistance and non compliance which proves psychiatry right to treat us for the aforementioned traits.

This type of consumer, like me, tends to be seen by psychiatrists as having ''no prospect of recovery'' as I was, and as my employer was informed was the case, after my eleven minute, cost effective, assessment in 99.

Circling The Brain Drain:
No one in their right mind wants to have their life taken over and be controlled by other people. There is nothing more invalidating to a human being than being totally controlled by other people. The "normal" people all know this. If we are then told by those normal people that we are out of our minds if we DO NOT want other people to take control of our lives and minds, and that the resistance to that is a "sign'' of our being out of our minds, than how do we show any "signs" of being normal, like those of you who think you would have to be out of your minds to want other people to have total control of you?


Creating Clarity in Language: The Mirror of TruthIt is too easy for everyone to confuse ''them'' and ''us'' so for the sake of clarity, I am going to start referring to these two groups of people as the ''psychiatrized'' and the ''normies.''--this latter group in quotation marks indicating it is THEIR assessment of themselves, not necessarily that of the psychiatrized, who may perceive them quite differently.

Stating the Obvious:
Some years ago I was telling someone that I was learning to state every detail of everything I meant when talking to ''normies'' and I gave her an example. Her response was, ''You sound like you're talking to idiots.''

That's how I've changed though. I have come to accept that I AM talking to idiots, but I also know that the ''idiots'' have convinced themselves they are the higher mind, and they have absolutely no doubts about that. It's the same as if I were talking to cult members trained to hear all words and platitudes in just the way the cult leader wants them heard, so that while the words mean ONE thing to me, they mean something else to the other. In this way, we can be using the same words while meaning the exact opposite of each other's personal understanding.

Who Is Aware and Who Is Not Aware?
Though this act is sometimes done in blindness motivated by self protection, it is very often the case that the primary aggressor is fully aware the victim knows what the aggressor is doing and also that it is a deliberate set up. In fact, knowing that the victim knows but cannot prove it is part of the aggressor's power rush...and it's a double rush.

Such people especially enjoy watching the group they have manipulated attack the victim on the aggressor's behalf. He can then just sit back and enjoy the "fun." The victim is helpless to stop them and often gives up all hope of escape or resolution.

This type of aggressor, usually masquerading as a "mystified" victim himself, or sometimes as a well intentioned rescuer, may very well have also enjoyed maiming small animals or destroying the property of others when young. This is the unseen side of the "boundary problem."
Messages off the T.V. for Psychiatry:

Topic: Psychic Ability

“Science doesn’t know everything there is to know. Many people believe human beings are still in the process of evolving.

“If we have a theory of something, and we hold onto it despite any and all evidence to the contrary, then that’s not science. That’s politics.”

“Larry”, on “Numb3ers”
Paranoid Patty: I concur.

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