Tuesday, September 12, 2006

This is an Existential Problem:

A Shift in Meaning That is Not Without Purpose
By Patricia Lefave, Labeled, D.D.(P)

Consider this:
(Humour me. I am the nut and that is what you are accustomed to doing is it not? )

The ‘schizophrenic’ is the member of a dysfunctional group who is actually MORE in touch with reality in the first place, than any other group member. Not less. That one, who threatens the stability of the group with exposure of some truth they don’t want to know or deal with, is invalidated as a protective action of the group dynamic. It’s an automatic response. Many people you see prefer the ‘devil they know.” Fear of the unknown and loss of the group orientation to reality is the motive most of the time for doing so.

In cults of power and control, the protection of the cult is built right into it’s system and that system is based upon the dysfunctional group dynamic. The leader is empowered at the expense of the members who are disempowered to feed the leader’s ego.

The starting point of the dysfunctional ‘game’ is in the one who must feel ‘superior’ to the others and so ‘secretly’ defines the others as ‘inferiors’ and treats them ‘as if’ that were the truth, invalidating anyone, or anything, that suggests otherwise. The key to resolution is, ironically, to stop trying to resolve it, stop playing the game and just expose the game itself for what it really is.

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