Monday, October 16, 2006

Using Our ‘Messiah Complex’

There are Two Versions of the Integration of Opposites

By Patricia Lefave, Labeled, D.D.(P)

The integration of adversarial opposites which destroys life because they cancel each other out. (In psychosis a voice told me, “Do not allow the integration of opposites or you will cease to exist.”)

The integration of complementary opposites which supports and affirms all of life because it validates being the ‘One’ and being the ‘Many’ at the same time.

This second kind of integration of opposites is the ‘One’ that works perfectly.
The difference between the two kinds of integration is the premise (or foundation stone) upon which they are built (or constructed)

The first one fights against an illusion of a ‘psycho spiritual ‘Other.”
The second one KNOWS the idea that the idea that an “other’ exists to fight against IS an illusion.
That is not to say that the illusion is without real power; quite the contrary. It is the power which we all actually fight against, however we understand the reality of the situation. Illusion of an “other’ or not, that illusion HAS been brought to concrete reality and MADE real in all of our human institutions. It infects all lf our man made systems like a plague of error.

We must change it metaphysically because thought precedes action, and thought comes before deed, not the other way around.
I believe we must aim for an understanding and ultimate outcome based upon the integration of complementary opposites. I believe we must keep this in the forefront of our minds in all we do, wherever and even WHENEVER, we are. The idea that most of us hear inside the collective unconscious of the altered state, that we are here to save the world, might not be as far fetched as most ‘normies’ would like to believe. It is just that it may be the job of our collective spirit, rather than the job of only one of us as individuals.

Perhaps, “you’re the one” really means “WE” are “the One” and not that an INDIVIDUAL is the person who must change things to save the world. I think the burden is too great for one person alone and was not intended to be that way.

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