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Who is Truly ‘Lost’?

Messages For the ‘Others.’

by Patricia Lefave, Labeled, D.D.(P)

The story here represents the abstract nexus of MEANING. This is how and WHY people in psychosis (not people with ‘diseased’ brains) get messages off the T.V. it is the conceptual message behind the details that connects for them. Not the details themselves. The details themselves are just similar to their own conceptual reality. That is why we are all drawn to such things and know there is a ‘message’ there for us personally; because there IS. It provides us with the missing conceptual information we are searching for which will allow us to make sense of our own individual experiences.

Those who have experienced being locked up in "the hatch" hear this from THEIR point of view. The fact that the public, the "normies" can't hear any messages in this should not surprise anyone, as no human being can expect to hear anything that is not a part of their own personal experience. Since that is true, WHY then would anyone believe that he or she understands the experience of the psychiatric patient BETTER than the patient. Is it "about your righteousness" as my own protagonist's domination game suggests?

Is it symbolic or is it literal? Are the psychiatrized giving the mental illness professionals (and the public) ‘messages’ off the T.V.? Are the messages really there to get? Is this the ‘Unseen World’ of the X-files? You be the judge.

I will act as the message interpreter since I ‘think’ I speak the language. I will add new ‘messages’ to this post for you as I get them off of the T.V. with my amazing psychic ability, which psychiatrists apparently, do not have.

I should caution you who are currently considered to be ‘normal’ though. If you should start getting a ‘message’ in this T.V. series, I would advise you to keep the news of that to yourself, unless you have someone who has been labeled schizophrenic to discuss it with. (They are the only ones who may take you seriously and try to help you to deal with it) if you don’t use discretion and keep your experience of it from the ‘normies’ you may just find that a community treatment team has been interviewing your friends employer, neighbors and family. Once that sort of thing gets started it is pretty hard to turn it around, take it from me. Since it will be done ‘secretly’ (though often in plain sight and within earshot) it is likely that by the time you see the truth about what they are really up to, they will already have ‘interpreted’ enough of your reactions to their strange behavior and your puzzled looks to justify getting you a good ‘clinical’ assessment. So remember ‘normies’, ‘mum’s the word.’ For the younger of you who don’t know that particular idiom it means, ‘Like…shut up man!’

The Hidden Messages of LOST

One of the older members of the community who is fighting against the ‘Others’ who took her son from her is named :

  • "Rousseau''

  • “John Locke”

    He was in a wheelchair until he crashed on the island. Did it have anything to do with the fact that he no longer had any medication to treat his condition? Was it really a miracle that he became able to walk again?

    They are locked up in cells that seem like they are more for animals than humans. They get fed by using a system which is based on the behaviorist model of reward and punishment.
    They have attendants who watch them when they take a bath.
    The male attendants, many of them leering jerks, claim the women they watch are not their ‘type.’
    They are forced to participate in gardening and moving rocks.
    They are expected to have a co-operative attitude while they do it.
    They are not to talk unless told by a guard that it is all right to do so.
    If they don’t do what the ‘others’ want, they get shocked to help them change their attitudes.
    The place they are in is called the “Hatch.”
    The Hatch has several sections to it spread out over the property which is very beautiful and appealing.
    They found out that at one section of the Hatch there was a group of people trained to observe another group on T.V. monitors and they had hidden microphones there as well.
  • John Locke appears to be in shock. He has become mute since discovering that if he does not push their buttons, when and how they have trained him to do, and at the right time, there will be a total system failure as a result.
    He develops some writing behaviors in an attempt to communicate with his fellow lost. He enlists the help of one of them to watch him as he attempts to go the shaman way in a sweat lodge. He uses a little drug (peyote?) and then begins to hallucinate in an attempt to see what it is he feels he needs to see.
    He talks to dead people who tell him he has to save "the family" but first, he needs to "clean up his own mess" or he won't be able to help others. The guy who was in "the hatch" long before Locke arrived there himself, found "the key" to stop the destruction and used it, the result of which was, "the hatch" imploded. Nevertheless, though it seemed impossible, he and all those inside with him got out of it in one piece.

    John's family had too many "secrets."
    The same guy who had found the key to escape from the implosion, also told Hurley BEFORE it happened, (Hurley suffers from an eating disorder after being unable to adjust to winning a huge lottery) that Locke had made a speech promising to save them all. Later, John gave the speech the other had already stated he had heard. Hurley was amazed and commented that it was "Deja Vu."

    They then discovered that there was another room in which those DOING the monitoring and reporting were THEMSELVES, being monitored, and that notes were being taken on their perception and reactions to the situation.

    They get to watch cartoons on T.V.
    Punishments and control includes large hypos which affect the heart function.
    They are strapped down and get to bite down on mouthpieces during their treatment.
    If Kate says she loves Sawyer, she must "prove" this to the guard by locking him up. Only then will the guard stop beating him.
    A nurse apologized to Jack for handcuffing him to a guerney.
    The "others" told Sawyer they were better con men than he was.
    They also conned him by threatening "his girlfriend."
    The "others" wanted him to know there was no escape possible.

    (Did you know that it has been a frequent practice of psychiatric ‘research’ to use the staff at hospitals as subjects in experiments? They set up situations which will allow those in charge to observe outcomes. Not that this ‘hatch” has anything to do with the booby hatch of course. I am just reading too much into things as usual. You know us nuts! Always getting messages off the T.V. that the normies do not get! It is probably because I, myself, received a booby prize at a booby hatch. There were cameras microphones and T.V. monitors included in my ‘prize.’)

    Quote from the ‘Others'
    ‘As long as they are just sailing around in circles, they are not a problem to us.’

    An unseen male voice speaking through the intercom told Jack Sheppard that he must ‘let it go.’
    The nurse assured him that he could trust her. Then she demonstrated for him, that he couldn’t.
    A younger one in lock up asks Sawyer, “What are the people from YOUR plane like?”
    (Hmmm….concrete or abstract “plane”?)

    Added to the "Lost '' character list is another philosopher/social reformer by the name of Jeremy Bentham (English) This is along with John Locke and Rousseau. More hidden meaning the system will be too afraid to see for fear of being labelled 'mad'' along with ''us.''

    He is let out of his cell by another inmate and the P.A. system announces, “Subject escape, subject escape…” (That is what they are called you see, the ‘subjects’, not the prisoners, or even people)
    The nurse then caught him and tranquilized him.
    Meanwhile, Jack listened to a speech from the nurse who says she just needs him to co-operate in order to get the meal and the drink which she is using as bait. But Jack does not yet understand that. She sounded so very sincere and rational that Jack finally agreed to co-operate with her as she asked. As soon as he did, she took the meal and left with it, proving that who she SAYS she is and who she really is are quite the opposite. Now of course, if Jack fails to trust her again, he will be said to have ‘trust issues.” That will be seen as coming from within Jack, without relation to external cause of course.

    Jack Sheppard is in a section of the facility which is surrounded by water and divided into sections like tanks. Sawyer and Kate are in cages that are designed for bears and animals being trained using behaviorist tactics, you know, like stimulus response machines on the basis of reward and punishment. It’s a real zoo in there, isn’t it?

    The section Jack is in is called “The Hydra” which is a Greek mythological beast or monster, with many heads.
    The nurse has a chart containing all of the concrete details of his life which she is using to ‘interpret’ Jack and his motivations. She then tells him again she expects him to voluntarily ‘put his back up against the wall.’

    “We’ll catch up to him. We are all going to the same place.
    Echo is a dealer in drugs disguise as ‘vaccines’ and he is masquerading as a priest. Locke has stopped believing in fate and that it is the island itself which is talking to him and controlling everything.
    Doctor/patient confidentiality is mentioned.
    The blameless “Others” say they had a wonderful plan to break Jack by wearing him down in order to convince him they were not his enemies and to get him to trust them. Then, they were going to lead him to believe that he was choosing to do whatever they wanted him to do. They wanted to get him invested and lured him with a woman that was picked for the job because she was his type. They did this because the leader wanted Jack to want to save the leader.
    John Locke said he saw the light and it was beautiful.
    Echo on the other hand, had seen a looming darkness. Then when he rolled back the stone from his brothers resting place, he discovered that the body was gone.
    Station 5: Dharma Initiative called “The Pearl”
    This one is a monitoring station used for observing the activities of the participants.
    The looming darkness, the beast or monster beat echo into the ground because he would not ask for the priest’s forgiveness.

    February 2007
    Carl is found in a room, by Kate and Sawyer, undergoing a procedure that could be described as “Psychic driving.” A message is being flashed repeatedly to him on a screen: “We are the cause of our own suffering.” (Is that you, Dr. Cameron?)

    Desmond recognized (with help from another like him) that they were all able to see a future that the "others" could not see coming. They foresaw disasters others could not see, and Desmond kept trying to warn them or insert himself into the path of the danger in an attempt to stop it. Yet it just kept repeating over and over, no matter what he did with only slight changes in the concrete details. They were all doing it by the numbers, pushing the same button over and over again, in an attempt to save the world from it's ultimate disaster, which he knew was bound to occur if they could not be changed or stopped.

    March 2007 broadcast:Before the plane crash, John Locke was on a disability pension for depression. When he quit therapy, he got cut off. He was told that when he went back into therapy, his pension would be re-instated.

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