Saturday, December 23, 2006

“Message Off the Internet”

By Patricia Lefave,Labeled, D.D.(P)

My usual readers will no doubt be puzzled by this odd message That is understandable as it is for some very specific people, all of them still acting out as always in my own community. As I am not ‘allowed’ to speak, while they are ‘allowed’ to say anything they please without consequence, I am ‘allowing’ myself to speak in this indirect manner to them by announcing it to the world. Hopefully, someone I know in England or Germany will run into one of them somewhere and will point this message out to one of them, who in turn, will then chain gossip it back around the globe to those who are involved, who will then act it out for me from four feet away, while denying the whole thing (of course)
Here’s the ‘message’:

To the one I have named “Intrepid”

Whomever or whatever you are, would you PLEASE stop discussing me with other people. They never shut their mouths about anything. Here is a specific example for you.

The man with the white hair who looks Indian with whom you were once again assessing the situation while at the mall on Friday, shares all the news and opinions he gathers from all with a variety of people which includes, Prof. P. an Asian man at the mall and Susan at the main branch of the Library. These people in turn, pass along every piece of garbage they hear, from every source, assessing it all with everyone they know,frequently while making contemptuous remarks about me from four feet away, oblivious to themselves.

Update: January 6th, 2007

Now what did I just tell you here? I said STOP talking to people at that bloody mall. Did you think I couldn't see you if you had the white haired blabber mouth hold his hand up to the side of his face? Did you think getting up and leaving would do it? Do you believe that Susan at the library has actually stopped talking now? She now goes on about how hard it si "NOT" to say anything? How absurd is that? Those nit wits who work for Martin's at the mall act out constantly not to mention the regular mall crawlers who then get on the bus and fill in the drivers on the latest they just heard there.

More representatives of this sick intrusive society then act it out for me from four feet away including their contemptuous opinions based upon what THEY have "heard." One of the Library employees has suggested to a new one (university student) that they should go out for coffee together so he can tell her what HE has heard also. Then, she can pass all the latest crapola back from there, to her Indian friend who can pass it along to Prof. P. who can smirk at me and fill in everyone back at the University. Do you know what we call this groupthink behaviour? We call it my 'paranoid delusions and hallucinated conversations.'
That is how all the participants in this get themselves off the responsibility hook.
If, or when, I report this state of reality, from my own perspective, to any of the geniuses in the mental illness profession, it is all denied, and then redefined as the ‘symptoms’ of my ‘’paranoid delusional disorder’’, the ‘disease’ for which I have been forced out of my job (twice) as the means by which I am manipulated to accept ‘treatment’ for my label.

You see forcing me out of work and then telling my employer that I am insane and have ‘no prospect of recovery without treatment’ forces me to accept ‘disability’ to survive at a minimum level. (or would, if I weren’t such a competent incompetent like myself) The form asks if I 'think' I am not given work because of my psychiatric diagnosis, which is another of their tautologies since they are the ones who TOLD my employer I was 'totally disabled' and could not work as I 'thought' their was a sick 'game' being played with me and that I was 'set up' by a nurse with a group of his co-workrs joining in the 'game/joke.' To get this disability of course, I must ‘admit’ that I am ‘mentally ill’ with an incurable disease.
Then, the people who attacked me in the first place, will have the perfectly legal right to FORCE mind, body and soul destroying ‘treatment’ onto me (like drugs or ECT for example) against my will and will be legally empowered to issue a community treatment order to do so. That would help me to ‘forget’ what they did, what I know they did, and what they know that I know. See how neat that works?

This is my personal example of psychiatry’s tautological argument and the basis of all its power.

You see, “Intrepid” I am really very tired of listening to people like Susan, mall habitues, or those two women who appear to work in the court office building, expressing their barely concealed contemptuous views of me from a few feet away. Did you know for example that I am quite bright and yet I am 'like a child in many, many ways.' That is the court house women's opinion. They have also connected to a volunteer who works (or used to work) as a patient representative. The volunteer passed one of the court offices women some information on the bus.

If you are reading this in "Box" perhaps you should go to The Municipal Enquirer blog listed in the links on the right. I also have another one that no one knows about. Whatever you do :
Please STOP talking. You either contact me directly, in writing at the e-mail address which is in the ‘About Me” profile here or else you choose to be silent and move on. That’s the choice. I have been treated like the centre ring act of this public circus which was started by the nurse from hell for quite long enough. I hate it. When I say I do not want this kind of attention, which is what I mean. It does not mean the opposite, despite the fact that this is one of psychiatry’s inventions which allows them to deny the reality of GROUP dysfunction.

The community group is displaying the ‘perverse voyeuristic satisfaction’ as it is defined and analyzed in the book about the nurse’s game.

I am the OBJECT of observation on the receiving end of this. Like all the other ‘objectified people, I detest this group behaviour. Please stop asking for the opinions of others. They are not entitled to have any when they don't even know me. It was not their business then, and it isn’t their business now.

If you are reading this on the "Box" blog, perhaps you should also go to the Municipal Enquirer Blog listed in the links on the right. I would also like to suggest you read The Perfect Snare, written by me and published at The website of Dr. Al Siebert

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