Saturday, December 23, 2006

Gone Fission: An Evolutionary Process

By Patricia Lefave, Labeled, D.D.(P)

This is a little parable I once wrote in my recovery therapy in an attempt to

get through to the system. I had already learned that the truth was not being heard so I launched into metaphor, likely confirming the diagnosis in the process. Of course that was before I realized virtually everything I said was going to be psychiatrized. Now I know better.
Still I wanted to share this little analogy with my psychiatrized friends and

any others who might be able to discover the hidden meaning within it.
Hope you enjoy this little tale.

Gone Fission: An Evolutionary Process

Once upon a time there was a planet upon which lived a group of inhabitants who called themselves ‘Fish.’
They were a wonderfully caring group trying to make sure that everyone who lived there was as healthy as possible. They worked as a team to try to achieve this goal. They lived by healthy mottoes like:
Our wellness starts with YOU!’ (Rather that ‘me’) and also ‘There is no ‘I’ in ‘team.”

One day, one of the Fish started to think unusual thoughts and told one of the other fish about it. He said, “I keep thinking I would like to get out of the water and go to see how those trees in the woods look from the perspective of standing beneath them.”
All the rest of the Fish were horribly alarmed when they heard about this.
“Oh my goodness” they said. “Something has gone terribly wrong with Fission.( for Fission the Fish was his name and powerful expansion was his game) “We’ve got to save him!”

No matter how much they all tried to reason with poor Fission though, he kept right on saying the same crazy things.
Next thing you know, Fission got an even WORSE problem. There were tow tumorous masses developing on his underbelly. So, the caring community all worked together to for Fissions’ own good and they never gave up hope. Of curse, Fission was so sick, he denied that he was sick but that did not deter this community, oh no. They searched until they found an answer for Fission’s problems.

Eventually they discovered a plant that when fed to fission dulled his mind enough to make him stop having those awful delusional thoughts about going to the woods and looking at trees. They also found a way to cut the tumorous growths from his underbelly. Still, there was more trouble to come and it seemed to them at times that God had sent a plague of ills to them. No sooner was Fission cured then many, many others began to suffer form the same afflictions.

The School (of Fish) decided in their group wisdom, that it was probably something in the environment or perhaps it was even genetic. Though they couldn’t find a way to cure it, they nevertheless managed to keep it under control and to find a way to ensure that everyone could have as normal a life as was fishly possible . They really were a marvelously caring community.
In time however, the oceans became polluted, terribly overpopulated, and their ability to sustain life was depleted. Life on the planet of the caring Fish ceased to exist.

However, at least before they all died together they could console themselves with the knowledge that they had managed to solve the problem of those awful tumours. Also, when they died, not one of those Fish suffered from those terrible and confusing delusions a bout walking around in the woods as a Fish out of water.

Thanks to their team work and their agreement to all work towards the same goal, at least they all died in perfect health.

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