Friday, December 15, 2006

Tautological Truths

(The Discernment of Good and Evil)

By Patricia Lefave, Labeled, D.D.(P)

I may add to this as I go along in my surreal state of amazement.

We live in a society which has a serious, and growing, drug problem. Human beings are swallowing all these drugs in order to change the way they feel about their lives and their problems.

The solution to the drug problem often being offered now is for the addict to accept that his REAL problem is there is something mechanically wrong with his brain which is causing him to have a drug problem. This presumed bio chemical imbalance is most often stated as ‘underlying’ the drug problem. The most frequent solution offered to the addict by the mental illness system is to take more (usually slightly different) drugs. It is the quick, efficient solution which is seen as less costly (in the short term.)
It is also the preferred solution of most drug addicts. Many of these addicts tend to be the most co-operative and complain of all the psychiatric patients.
I wonder why, don’t you?

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Mark said...

Drug Co makes billions , Psychiatrists have status and life long employment to issue the drugs. Once labeled defective and drugged the patient is compliant.Wheres the problem?
in the year 1900 being seriously crazy was 1 in 500. today its 1 in 50. tomorrow its to be 1 in 10. more than 10% of kids are on ADD drugs.