Friday, May 04, 2007

On the Johari Window

Some of you who have an interest in working out understanding
with others in groups may find this tool interesting and/or useful.
Why not give it a try. I have created my own space there.
Perhaps some of you who read my blog and therefore, know quite
a lot about me, might want to give this a try.

It is quite fascinating to watch the changes take place as things move from where I started it to where others take it. I will write more about this tool here a bit later and let you know how it brought to my attention certain aspects of relationship of which I may, or may not, have been aware. It is a private space for the one using it so it can be very honest, open and quite a learning experience. I think this could help all of us who are trying to change they way we operate and attempt change inside a group relationship.

"The next step is to ask several of your friends and colleagues to say which words they associate with you. You can do this by directing them to the Url" where your starting information has been saved.

So people Click on the Title above to have the chance to express your own opinion of me and of how you perceive me from what you know of me right now. I will get to see what you think and hoepfully get some insight into improving my own communications.

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