Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Reality According to the Spin Doctors

By Patricia Lefave, Labelled, D.D.(P)

Let’s look at a concrete example at the psychiatric search for ‘hidden’ meaning where there is none. (While we look at this, try not to think about psychiatrists telling us that if we find ourselves looking for hidden meaning that is a ‘sign’ that we are mad. Be sure to suppress any laughter if you are reading this in a public place.)

I believe that if I and others explain the difference between reality and Psy-Fi (as Louise Armstrong has called it) and explain it in concrete terms, using concrete examples, the difference will become apparent.

Example one: There is a woman who rides my bus daily on the new route now and who lives in the same building that I do. She is one of those who sit at the front seat of the bus entertaining the bus drivers and the passengers around her, with mostly denigrating stories about other tenants. Lately, she has been focused on all the ‘crazies’ moving in to ‘her’ building, which she shares freely, identifying all the nuts for the bus drivers and others.
(you see, some of us presumed ‘nuts’ seem so remarkably ‘normal’ she has to point us out .)

As she tells these stories to the bus drivers, especially the ones who join in the ‘fun’ and then pass all the stories along to other bys drivers, she laughs ‘inappropriately’ like the undiagnosed loon that she is. (This diagnostic reversal never ceases to amaze me.)This is especially true when I have sat on buses with six or seven other well behaved labelled people watching the non labelled act out like arrogant abusive fools.)

The other day, I was her topic once again. She even told the driver that the others in the building with whom she had discussed me told her ‘we should be kind to them.’ Well that set her off in howls of laughter and caused her to add some more of her interpretations’ of me to the story. (“Them” of course, would be the sub humans who are supposedly blind and deaf to people like Denigrating Dora here)
That remark about ‘kindness’ just caused her and Bonehead bus boy to yuk it up even more. Woo hoo! I felt like I was in grade nine again.

Now, let’s look at this very common, everyday reality after the Spin Doctors hear about it. Here is their take on this sort of thing and what they tend to believe:
This woman can’t be doing this as it would not be normal. It would be rude vicious and unreasonable and she would have no ‘reason’ to behave this way.
When bus drivers ask if they are participating in this sort of thing, they deny it, therefore, it is not true since bus drivers, as a generic life form wouldn’t lie now would they?
The rest of the buildings tenants can’t be talking about me because that would mean all these lovely ‘social’ type people really had no personal boundaries of their own and especially since they are older adults, that can’t be true. Would older people gossip after all?

Now if I was to be believed by the Spin Doctors, I would have to provide them with some concrete proof that these people behave as I say, as well as providing the doctors with an explanation for THEIR behaviour that ‘makes sense’ to the doctors. I must bear in mind that I would be trying to convince experts of this even though they are already certain, that they understand, that this sort of thing simply doesn’t happen. They know this because it has been reframed for them in terms of an alternate reality which they have been thoroughly trained to accept instead. Everything I may try to say about it has also been covered in advance, by reframing it as more ‘symptoms’ in ME. I can’t argue with that either since the Spin Doctors have written that down in their Holy Book (DSM) and I can’t argue with something once it has been written down now can I?

OK now, so here is the alternate version of ‘reality’ as it has been defined for me by the experts:

This woman is not gossiping about me or other labelled people, we only ‘think’ she is. This is really OUR ‘hallucinated conversations.’
We only ‘think’ we are being mocked, ridiculed and laughed at because ‘really’ these are just our feelings about ourselves. Other people don’t do that. (After all they deny doing it don’t they?)

If we feel any negative emotions towards such people, especially after they have gone to all the trouble of denying it, then these emotions aren’t ‘real,’ since in the opinion of the Spin doctors, they are not reality based. At least they are not based on the alternate reality the doctors have produced which should be making it all just go away. So then, if we further insist that the same people keep right on behaving the same way, and sometimes even get worse after we are ‘helped’ with these ‘delusions’ then this proves this is just bad brain chemistry. Since this is now a brain chemistry problem, this shows we need more ‘treatment’ for our perception/reaction problem. “Treatment’ may include enough tranquilizer to bring down a charging Rhino, or perhaps some nice shock to make us forget about all this nonsense about those ‘others’ who can never be blamed for anything. If we fail to comply with this new definition of our reality, force may be necessary for our own good of course. Nothing encourages ‘compliance’ like the threat of a little brain electrocution or the specter of drooling or being unable to raise your arms over your own head. In order to legally facilitate this needed ‘treatment’ we have to have a label applied that will give the spin doctor the power to do so whether we like it or not. (We nuts are quite notorious about denying we are ‘sick’ in the medicalized sense you see)

So in my case, the target of the vicious gossip got to be the ‘Paranoid Delusional Disorder. Pretty scary huh? This helped to fan the flames of the growing community hysteria, and abuse from those so inclined, which in turn increased the pressure and stress on me, which in turn, tends to fulfill the prophecy of breakdown. There we go; circle complete. The person who targeted me suggested I was mentally ill and the suggestion brought it into being because it was accepted by the group.

The mechanism that ‘splits’ reality and then projects that ‘split’ onto the identified patient is a very simple one:
As in this example out of real life, it is split at the nexus of meaning when the SAME experience as seen from opposite perspectives, is denied as being what it is, and an alternate reality is fabricated to make it seem like something other than what it OBVIOUSLY is.

The gossiping of the bus driver and the tenant, which both they and I know to BE reality, is simply denied as reality and reframed as MY perception/reaction problem. This alternate fabrication does tow things simultaneously, at the point of separation.
1. It blames the target for the abuse acted out by others.
2. It excuses those ‘others’ by denying their behaviour exists as it obviously does.

The gossips and all those with no or poor personal boundaries are now being supported and enabled by the Spin Doctors’ ‘expert’ assessments of the situation. Once a target has been labelled, that person can become the permanent target for people like these and anyone else as well. Since it has already been officially defined as the target’s problem and not theirs.
When or if, the Spin Doctors start addressing the real problem which is often the thinking and behaviour of the supposedly ‘normal’ people like these ones in this example and when they stop suppressing the target’s truth and feelings about it, ‘mental illness’ will start to disappear. As long as this current psychiatric fiction is promoted as ‘reality’ we can expect the ‘mental illnesses produced as a result to remain a problem an even to keep growing.

This is the simple mechanism that produces the devastating results.
The Spin doctors reinforce the delusional beliefs of the limbic brain types who see themselves as the higher minds and therefore ‘hidden’ in plain sight from us ‘nuts.’ At the same time, they suppress the perceptions of those who are usually relating as equals and, except for that error, perceive reality as it actually exists.
(We believe they are fully aware that we can see them, just as as they are, and that they are just ‘pretending’ they don’t know that about us.
Those of us who relate as equals fail to see the false premise [superior/inferior] used by the limbic brainers.)

In other words:
The limbic brainers give themselves too MUCH credit for an awareness they don’t have while they give us too LITTLE credit for an awareness we DO have.

We, on the other hand, we also have given them too MUCH credit also for self awareness and ourselves too LITTLE credit for our greater awareness.
This is the dysfunctional ‘agreement’ that has kept this metaphysical illusion going.

When ‘our’ side wakes up to the truth we most often get invalidated by the ‘others,’ the limbic brainers, as ‘grandiose,’ since they never considered the ‘grandiosity’ to be their own, nor considered themselves to be projecting their own split reality onto us.

It is this kind of reversal that is CAUSING what the Spin Doctors claim they want to ‘cure.’

Physicians heal yourselves.

Face the reality that exists, out her, in the real world, and DEAL with it. I have a suggestion for you to start in your new self awareness exercises.

Put on a good disguise and go ride on a city bus.

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Mark said...

I have/had similar perceptions as you. I can perceive it in duality. Everyone intelligent knows half or more of a conversation is subliminal/subconcious communication. Vocal inflection, hand movement, and what peoples eyes look at and for how long. All subconciously/emotionally controlled and motivated. Evidence for the truth of this, is the lack of/difficulty of computer voice recognition, and computer simulation of human conversation.
Another would be people who smoke, and continue to smoke and can't conciously comprehend/imagine it causes disease/cancer, that other people (who don't smoke) don't mind to smell smoke. Sitting in a bus shelter, a guy sparks up a cigarette, does he know this is going to piss me off and is testing my reaction, or is he just stupid? Does he have a subconcious mind or is he brain damaged? Whatever it is, I have to make the decision to leave the area, endure the smoke, or confront the smoker on my displeasure.