Monday, January 28, 2008

Circle of Arrogance

Arrogance breeds Contempt.
Contempt breeds Hatred.
Hatred breeds Abuse.
Abuse breeds Self justification.
Self justification breeds Denial.
Denial breeds Stupidity.
Stupidity breeds Reductionism.
Reductionism breeds Arrogance.
Arrogance breeds Contempt.

The Circle is complete. Whether it is good or evil which ultimately reigns depends upon WHICH circle one hopes to be ‘unbroken,’ by and by Lord, by and by...

A Terrible Character Flaw

Those who believe that ‘fault finding’ in absolute terms, is a character flaw, spend their days endlessly finding the faults in those who are too ‘anti-social’ to join them in their daily round of fault finding.
They know that the anti-social behaviour is just another fault to be found in those who suffer from the character flaw of ‘fault finding.’
Thank God for those in whom this fault cannot be found for not suffering from the same fault themselves. In fact, those without the fault they find in the inferior others often congratulate each other on their superior character.

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