Saturday, January 19, 2008

Self Focusing Exercise for ‘Normies”

By Patricia Lefave

The next time any of you ‘normies’ stand a few feet away discussing a psychiatrized person as if he or she was not there, I want you to perform this little exercise by saying to yourself the following:

“ What I am doing right this minute is exactly what that ‘schizophrenic’ has reported that I do and the psychiatrist to whom she has reported it has told her that I am NOT doing this and neither is anyone else, as I would not have any reason to be doing this.
The psychiatrist then tells that person I am talking about (like I am doing right now) that her belief that I am talking about her like this is just a symptom of a brain disease which is causing her ‘perception problem’ which makes her ‘think’ I am doing this when “really’ I’m not.” Repeat this circle until the meaning of it truly penetrates.

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    Mark said...

    It is the same way people talk infront of a small child. I experienced it last week. I don't think we are supposed to notice, like children aren't supposed to.