Thursday, January 17, 2008

Government Approved Duplicity

By Patricia Lefave, Labelled, D.D.(P)

It was once stated to me by a psychiatrist, that it was unrealistic of me to expect the employees and/or administration of the psychiatric hospital to ‘admit’ to anything as ‘it would not be in THEIR interests to do so.’

(That was one of my earlier times in the system when my jaw dropped incredulously but it would not be the last time.)
The psychiatrist was letting me know that while they may judge the nature of reality for ‘others,’ pushing ‘others’ to face reality and deal with it, those DOING the ‘assessing and judging do not hold themselves to the same standard, and more than that, should not ‘realistically’ be EXPECTED to do so!
I was being TOLD that a double standard existed and was going to be supported. A “them’ and “us’ mentality was firmly entrenched in psychiatry’s administration of this ‘reality.’

When you create a ‘them’ and ‘us’ mentality and then bring that metaphysical concept into play in our physical life, you can only do so by obtaining the concrete power to force your conceptual beliefs and desires on ‘them.’
After that has been done, all focus must be on maintaining that power to control using whatever means you may find necessary to do so. Where do you stop? Where is the line drawn, and when and how are you willing to cross it? This is of course, how controllers learn to justify to themselves, lying, manipulating and coercing those ‘others.’

Since ‘they’ are not as real or worthy of life as ‘us’ it stops mattering that what you claim to believe in, and what you demonstrate you believe in, do not match.
Controlling those ‘others’ for THEIR own good, which is something determined by ‘us’ and not ‘them’ can become the justification used for almost anything in supporting that agenda.

Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t this sort of relating often defined by the same people who are indulging in it as that of psychopaths? Is it not psychopaths who have such a view of others’ lives as not as ‘real’ or valuable as their own? Does it really surprise you then to know that many of the psychiatrized ‘think’ that may psychiatrists are actually psychopaths? Do you think it is possible that SOME psychiatrists are psychopaths? I do. I think that most of them however, are just basically blind to themselves and to what they are really doing.

When the focus on any problem between people shifts from being on resolution to being on control and self protection, the ‘others’ whose lives and emotions are not as ‘real’ or valuable as ‘ours’ become virtually invisible as human beings.
Any attempt by ‘them’ to point that out to ‘us’ must then be ‘corrected’ in order to maintain the double standard which justifies the status quo.
The mental ‘illness’ system, led by psychiatry, is a closed system which , by design, perpetuates itself. It has now taken on a life of it’s own and developed an infinity power which is an infinite loop that feeds back on itself.

This is why many in opposition to this unquestioned power are in favour of abolishing psychiatry altogether. In fact, some believe it is already far too late in the game to do anything else.

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