Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Zen-Like Meditation for Psychiatrists

By Patricia Lefave, Labelled D.D.(P).

This is how a genetic ‘defective’ is born.
It starts with a warped relationship between two people. One of the people is direct. The other person is duplicitous.
One has an open agenda.
The other has a hidden agenda.
One is an aggressor. The other is that one’s target or, (god forbid…dare I say it out loud?) potential (grit your teeth now!) “victim.”

The target finds out the truth but cannot stop the aggressor.
The target tells a third party.
The aggressor pretends to be ‘mystified’ by such an accusation officer/doctor/mom/dad/sis/boss etc.
He/she is just "mystifugginfied!”
The aggressor is believed.
The target is not.

(After all, why would the aggressor DO such a thing? Or lie? It wouldn’t be ‘reasonable'….There’s the ‘switch.’)

If you stopped there and thought about it for a moment, you would understand it; but you don’t stop there.

Meditate on the statement in brackets. That is your Zen assignment from crazy Pat.

This is also the answer to the great ‘puzzle.’
It is the answer that those inside the altered state are searching for themselves.

It is the answer psychiatrists and most ‘Others’ reject and therefore you complicate the situation to the point of infinite chaos in your need to run from the simple obvious truth.
You then project your own ‘alternate universe’ of meaning onto the target as a means of explaining it all away. You want to understand, and more, you want to be right and not be questioned about it. The others who get involved also want to understand what they do not understand and so they go along with all you experts. After all, if an ‘expert’ doesn’t understand what is going on, who does?

You can then all join in on applying group pressure to the target in your collective effort to force that one to ‘admit’ that he/she is ‘wrong’ or ‘crazy’
if she/he continues to try to prove him/herself right, to claim the attempt to do so proves’ he/she is wrong, since the whole group has taken a vote on it and says so. We can’t argue with a democratic vote now can we?
If under such constant invalidating pressure the target should ultimately actually break down, that TOO ‘proves’ the group is right, for who would break down, while others are only trying to ‘help,’ but a genetic “defective?” He/she must have been born that way.
(thank god then that we have the genetically pure here to ‘fix’ us.)
Why do people do this?
It is because they are thinking in dysfunctional ways as they have been taught to do. In dysfunctional relating, duplicity is considered to be ‘normal.” If one relates directly one is then NOT ‘normal.’ It is considered to be ‘abnormal’ to be straightforward. Therefore those who are ‘normal’ (duplicitous) look for ‘hidden’ meaning where there is none, since 'normal’ people operate from behind a facade, and don’t see the obvious meaning which is right in front of them.

Post Diagnosis:

For as long as it is not seen and heard, dysfunctional groups will continue to project their own ‘split minds’ onto the ‘abnormal’ target.
This tautology is the basis of infinite power and control over ‘others.’ It is the false premise used for just that purpose. Those who are most adept at relating in duplicitous ways are also those who consider themselves to be ‘superior’ humans for doing so. That is the essence of the human problem.
To really see and hear this is to get out of it and end the confusion created by the split in reality. So see it, hear it, and you “let it go…’ Let go of the supporting and enabling of it; do not let it continue to grow.

Caught in Psychiatric Circles

I am told I must accept responsibility for my own beliefs and actions. I am told this by those who tell me that if I expect them to accept responsibility for their beliefs and actions, I am being ‘unrealistic.’

I am told that after “X” amount of time has passed, I should not expect anything to change and I am told this by those who expect me to change because they have let “X” amount of time go by without changing themselves.
I am told by people ridiculing me from four feet away that if I “think’ people are ridiculing me, it’s really only a ‘sign,’ as people don’t do that. That is why they are ridiculing me; for ‘claiming’ that they do.

I am told I can be mentally well if I would only ‘admit’ that I am mentally ill, and if I deny that I am mentally ‘ill’ that only ‘proves’ that I am, since denying one is mentally ill is ‘proof’ of the existence of the mental illness.

I am told that if I ‘think’ I have lost control of my own life it is a problem within me and not coming from an external source (such as those who have taken over physical control of my life as well as emotionally and spiritually) They have only taken this control in fact, because I have shown that I falsely believe that ‘others’ are trying to take over control of my life, thoughts, feelings and freedom.
I am told that if I ‘think’ people are talking about me, that is a ‘perception' problem that I have, so naturally people are talking about that problem in me, since perception problems, such as believing people are talking about me, is a sign of mental instability.

I am told that judging ‘others’ is wrong and I am told this by others who are constantly judging what it is that is wrong with me.

This is the ‘circle’ as perceived by those who are driven mad, or are told they ARE mad’ by the people who are righteously indignant about being blamed for driving other people mad. Obviously we who are ‘mad’ must be mad for saying such mad things about “THEM.”


If you should start to hear this as I do, and feel laughter building up with the growing absurdity in It, I suggest you find a way to suppress that emotion. For it is at that point that you will be laughing for the SAME reason that we are and that will only prove one of two things. Either we are NOT mad and ‘laughing for no reason’, as you believe to be a sign of our madness, or all of you ARE mad. You wouldn’t want the ‘Others’ to think you are mad, would you? After all, those ‘Others’ don’t know why you would be laughing. There is no reason to be laughing that THEY can see and they are the ‘normal’ ones.

If you see a reason, then you must have gone mad too. Luckily for you, your more ‘normal’ colleagues will spot the signs right away and you too will be given the ‘help’ you obviously need.

A Little Sidebar: Regarding Derek Freeman’s View of Margaret Mead’s Samoa

Many sociologists and almost all sociologists of science believe in a relativistic theory of truth. That is, truth is what the experts believe or what the majority of the participants in a culture believe. Holding a view like this, your opponents could not admit that you were right. How could you be when all their colleagues thought like they did? In fact, they could prove that you were wrong simply by taking a vote at a meeting of experts. That clearly settled it. And your facts? They meant nothing if sufficiently many experts ignored them, or distorted them or misrepresented them.Karl Popper

(I have personally been surrounded by experts, everywhere I go, for almost fifteen years. PL, 2008)

(It is Just a A Little Cosmic Joke.)

Trying to ensure that ‘No One’ is ever blamed for anything is to ensure the primary human error, which goes ALL the way back to the beginning, (genesis) will never be seen or heard. For if we are all guiltless then there is no real problem is there?

Was the first ‘switch’ between the two spirits? Is creation itself built on binary code? Who knows? Sorting out the chaos that exists in my own life is all I have been able to manage to do for myself; right NOW.

On a certain level of being of course, there is only the NOW.

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