Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Union of Voices...

Imagine that when we are altered in consciousness what actually happens is that our individual boundaries are temporarily dissolved.Suppose that what we have been hearing is actually each other, all over space/time, on a universal level of existence. (Come on; humour me for a little bit here)If that is the case, then we would have to deal with that in a different way wouldn’t we, since all any of us say or do would be directly affecting everyone else in that space.Holding that as your premise of reasoning then let’s begin from that point. (If you have trouble accepting this as possible, just do it ‘as if’, you believed it.) I would like you to think about this experience which the majority of hearers seem to have:
Some hearers are terribly frightened by being yelled at and called evil by some of the voices. Vices yell at them to ‘get out’ or to kill themselves. They may be told that God will not forgive them or that they are going to ‘burn in hell.’
Still others tell us that they deal with the voices in their space by suggesting to them that they go and kill themselves, or they yell at THEM to ‘get out’ and they tell them THEY are evil and that God will punish them.
If we were in fact, telepathic or psychic, or having an out of body experience, that we did not understand we were having, and did not know how to control, what might that mean for all of us?
What if both of the above hearers were only dealing with each other but did not know that or understand that?Wouldn’t we then be making all of this even worse by handling it the way we were?What would happen if we took the “Golden Rule” into the collective inner space with us and with self focus practiced the principle of mutual respect instead? How fast and how much could we change the quality of that experience if we did?
I believe that whether you think I am ‘crazy’ or not, that we must all try to do exactly that.All ‘the voices’ yours, mine, ours, must respect, honour, explain and support the collective experience to all the other voices.As I once said to the ‘others’, “it is just us we hear. We are, or can be, the best support group the world has ever known. Nobody understands it better than those who have gone through it.

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