Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Void...

One of the common expressions of breakdown is the sense of being all alone n Infinity which is expressed in various terms such as being ‘in a void.’

To see the difference in perceptions of the same experience, think of it like this:

When the psychiatrists hear that they usually think it means nothing at all or that the patient means it is something about him or herself which is not yet conscious. They ‘interpret' this of course, from out of their own beliefs.

i.e.: “She is saying she is nothing.’

Or perhaps;

“She means she is trying to ‘avoid’ something; a- void.

'interpretation' is most likely to be made will depend on the beliefs of the psychiatrist which the patient happens to get.

From the psychiatrized one’s point of view though it means quite something else which is not being heard such as, ‘I am all alone with my truth which everyone else is avoiding or denying.’

Or Perhaps:

‘I am now made to be null and ‘void’ as a human being by those who refuse to hear and see me as I really am.’ (Why are they doing this to me?)

There is no communication happening between these two sides of the same experience so it often feels like being made ‘invisible’ or being forced into a ‘black hole’. Of course if that last were stated, that too would only be ‘interpreted’ for the patient to suit the beliefs of the ‘observers’ who see themselves as OUTSIDE the experience rather than as a major part of it. Rather than being heard though, it is more likely that yet another drug would be offered (or insisted upon) to change the patient’s feelings rather than the situation as a whole.

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