Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Language and Meaning

Here is an example of Language used to promote a desired meaning.

This actually happened to me recently (2009) and involves one of the locals who has been observing and assessing me for the past sixteen years.
Once, years ago, I was assessed by a university student as ‘crazy’ because I stopped on the street and looked at my foot. I know that because he stopped on the street across from me and ‘explained’ me to his girlfriend.

Today, I was at the mall, where I saw Professor ‘P.’ who hangs out there often on Sundays in the food court gossiping with the locals. He also likes to get th local bus driver opinion of me and has been 'observed' by me doing it in the past while 2.5 feet away from me. Of course, he and the bus driver lowered their eyes and talked out of the sides of their mouths at the time, rendering them invisible and inaudible as I now understand them to be. At the time, I thought they INTENDED me to see and hear them but were 'pretending' to be stupid.

On this day now of which I am speaking in the present, he stopped walking, pulled up his pant leg, and looked at his foot. So I thought, “He obviously has the same ‘brain disease’ that I do. After all if looking at one’s foot makes you crazy then he must be crazy. If it does not make one crazy then why is it used to assess me that way?
(This is ‘splitting’)
He also kept getting up and walking around.
Was he ‘disoriented’ then? Or was it just... ‘Agitation’?
Was he nervous? Does he “HAVE” Social Anxiety Disorder?
So how many symptoms is that so far? Possibly four there.
Plus he was alone as he usually is just like me so that must be his ‘isolating’...that’s five symptoms.

One more and we can get a really good diagnosis and hopefully an “intervention.”

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