Saturday, January 16, 2010

Does “Psychic” Ability Actually Exist?

By Patricia Lefave

What is prescience, precognition, psychic ability or Deja-vu?

It is the recognition that the place for which I am heading and the journey to get there is following the SAME path I have taken before. It feels familiar, even though it is not identical.
The only thing different that makes it so surreal, is the fact that the name of the city towards which I travel,, the street names and the highway numbers on the route there have all been given different names. For a time, that makes it SEEM as though I should not be able to recognize this journey. The trip wears a beard. (No, I am not being literal there)

Once however, that I have traveled a portion of the trip, I can predict with near one hundred percent accuracy, everything I am going to see and experience along the way.
To those traveling with me and making the trip for the first time, this may all seem magical or amazing, but, it isn’t really magical. It is only ‘magical’ to those who can’t, or won’t, see HOW I do it.

It is somewhat like explaining the earth is a sphere to those who have been taught, and who have always believed, the earth is flat. If added to their belief is another belief, that instructs them not to question what has been taught to them by the authority figures of the faithful Society of Flat Earthers, then the truth that the earth is round will only fall on psychologically deaf ears no matter how many times and how many ways I tell it to them. It is a truth that will also enrage some of them.

Worse than that is the fact that the revelation of a real understanding, a real prescience, may well cause the one who speaks the truth to be attacked by those who don’t know it or accept it, even if the proof is right in front of them.

Why would they do that?
Because their life long Faith in the Flat Earth and their veneration of the authority figures who instructed them in it and promote it has been deeply shaken and doubt has crept into their minds, perhaps for the first time ever.

If doubt is then seen as always a ‘negative’ thing to be avoided, a character flaw or a ‘sin’ then it may seem natural or ‘normal’ to them to attacked the one who has caused them to feel this new uncertainty. THAT one is not like them. He or she is an ‘outsider’ threatening their very way of life and sense of safety and security, so he or she must be ‘evil.’

This is how reality gets flipped around one hundred and eighty degrees and how good old fashioned witch hunts, by any of their new names, get recreated and repeated. This will happen until we ultimately either wake up to what we are doing and stop it or else what we are doing puts an end to all of us who are doing it.

In the world of true sanity, all people know that the ‘outsider’ is an illusion created by all those INSIDE the group madness which they do not question. Unfortunately, and not giving in to the temptation to minimize the damage this does to us all, this illusion has gained a very strong foothold in all of our CONCRETE institutions and it’s still growing.

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