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Last Season of Lost

Last Season Of Lost

Starts February 2nd

Patricia Lefave

I would like to recommend watching this final season to the Psychiatric Faith, as well as to forensics cops and the people currently studying for jobs in the mental illness profession. It IS a mental illness profession now but it might become a mental health profession if people can learn to get real and stop living in the 'Family Romance.'

LOST is the sort of series that those in altered states would be getting 'messages' from because of the conceptual content to which most of us can relate to our own lives and experiences. Though it may be 'lost' (har har) on psych students and bio psychiatrists, it may have a lot of meaning for us. When altered, the 'patient' would feel extremely drawn to something in it to the point that it would seem like the universe, or God was sending him or her messages...and perhaps that is true depending upon how you perceive it. One of the problems of 'perception' generally is that if I, being psychiatrist say I think I see 'evil' it is immediately heard by the system as a 'symptom' yet if the doctor or nurse or ward clerk thinks there is evil in the world, it will be called piety or devotion and not 'illness.' This splitting of language helps to ensure the experiences of the psychiatrized are rendered meaningless, reinforcing the ever popular 'them and us' mentality.

So how about you get some education from someone who has been driven into that state and knows something about it from firsthand experience? her is what I would like you to think about while watching the final season.

I think the possibility exists that it is going to turn out that all of the people on Lost (or most of them) actually know each other from a mental institution where they were, or are, all psychiatrized and they are showing us a collective experience on a group level as they try to figure out what the hell is going on with the time distortion and who is whom, or what is what. The theme is now one of accepting the transcendence of time and space in their experience. There is a "Shadow Monster" something that comes out of nowhere and grabs people dragging them down into holes. (Fighting psychiatry and the public when you are forced into psychological isolation by those protecting the system is a lot like 'fighting a shadow' with no concrete substance. )

The people on Lost know it is up to them to get it all straightened out, because the 'normal' people don't understand it at all. (the saviours of the world)

The 'Lost' ones who 'crashed' are a group of people who had serious problems in life with both self and others and who may have all ended up in the same place for a variety of reasons..

Among them are the following:

Jack: the medical doctor who has problems with addiction;first with his father's alcoholism and then his own addiction to oxycodone.

Kate: on her way to lockup after getting mixed up with a bad boy and convicted of a crime.

John Locke: mocked and ridiculed by his co workers who all treated him as 'less than' because he was in a wheelchair and because he was so 'stupid' as to want to tour the Australian outback in it.

Claire: who was pregnant and running away to have her baby.

Sawyer: the ex con with an attitude and a love for cons and irresponsibility.

Sayid: a trained assassin on the run.

Hurley: who broke down completely after winning a huge lottery prize and was stated outright to be in a mental hospital seeing and hearing things that were not there, including people.

Charlie, the well known band member: whose life falls apart with his increasing addictions and inability to handle 'fame; (which he was no doubt "seeking"). ....etc.

Already on the island:when the plane crashes is Ben, whose life perspective is coloured by the extreme childhood abuse of his own alcoholic father.

Get the picture?

All of them end up together in a place where time becomes irrelevant and is no longer linear for them.

As you tune in to the world of those you consider to be 'less than' I want you to keep in mind what it is they believe they need to do together and see if you can manage to hear it OK even while comparing the group effort to change things to my own 'fascinating case'. Try to get your heads out of the spin on reality you have been taught to see and to look no further, for fear of offending "the Family" and all the glory for which it is forced to represent, which is not unlike the 'glory' of war when we must see the great 'honour' of sacrifice.

Listen to the Plot

The people on the island in shifting time, decided to go back together even though they did not want to do so, and they just wanted to have a normal life again. So they all headed back to an earlier point in time, they were dragged there, and tried together to understand the time paradox and what it meant to them and to what they must do to fix the problem and get things straightened out in time.

They are doing this so that reality will turn out the way it should and all will become stable in time. Right now they seem stuck in multiple versions of the same reality which keeps changing every time there is a dimensional shift. They have to do much of this blindly from the point where they are, but as they move THROUGH it they get more and more information added about who everyone is, what is going on with everyone else, and why, so that it gets easier to solve the puzzle by fitting all the disjointed or missing pieces together. The more information they get, the less chaotic it seems to the group of people who are putting it together by working with each other to understand it.

Though the concrete details of the experiences of all those who ended up in this crazy place together were very different, they all experienced the distortions of a a common reality together. Some were there because they were addicts; others because they lived with or were controlled BY addicts. Some were abusers of others, and some were those abused by others.

There is nothing easy about it; they have been at times completely disoriented in time and space by it all, yet they are working their way through it and making sense out of what appears to be senseless and for which they have all been called 'crazy' by the 'others.' The 'Others' claim they are only there to 'help' and they have 'stations' where they observe the newcomers, writing down all that they say and do and they talk it over amongst themselves while trying to decide how 'dangerous' (are they dangerous to the 'Others') those new to the island really are, and if they are a threat to their projects and experiments.

Do you notice anything there? That is an explanation of the concepts behind the concrete details of the story and this is the kind of thing that, if I was in the altered state you psychiatrists dismiss as meaningless, I would find to have 'messages' just for me as all others find them to be 'just for them.' It is the common concepts of the group experience that makes it so. You should not assume that if YOU don't get the message, there is no message to get. It would be especially meaningful for me if there were a couple of new pieces of information for my puzzle that were being provided to help me solve my own experience and to become able to make some kind of sense of it. Can you see why?

In psychosis I got a strong message, just for me, from an episode of Voyager which is of course all about human relationships disguised as travelling all over 'space.' In it, there was a debate going between two well intentioned crew members who were trying to decide what to do and who wanted me to know that. I saw this as a kind of split in my own doctor's mind and also thought he wanted me to know that, and he had put this on the TV as a pre-planned recording to tell me so. Also he wanted me to believe that I was unknowingly caught in my own feed back loop but I already knew that and I was telling THEM something they did not understand; something which I had already told to a number of mental illness professionals long before this, including the ones on the unit with the one who started it all, as well as the psychiatrist they sent me to for being 'upset.'

She, and the unit psychiatrist, were among the first who to warn me not to attempt to confront them or talk about this in public. I let those listening in know that I had gotten the message loud and clear by leaving THEM a message saying that if I were 'to confront everyone who is lying to me, or who think they 'fooling' me, that I would not have time to be doing anything else, all day long."

The 'message' I was getting about the doctor at the hospital, after I finally broke under pressure, was that he was of two minds. One was his psycho spiritual self which was represented by Chakotay following the old ways and the other was the programmed hologram acting as the ship's doctor which did not understand that his own programming was part of the problem and that HE was the one caught in his own 'loop.' I was represented by Kes, who was evolving into a new life form, and was telling the programmed 'doctor' that he must listen to his Chakotay side who was trying to help him think his way out of this though spiritual means.

Well I suggest you tune in to Lost, the final season, this program full of messages and mysterious hidden meaning and see how it all turns out in the end. I have a feeling that you are in for a bit of a shock.

I believe, whack job that I am, that all through our human history we have been getting 'messages' from our collective unconscious in an attempt by our higher selves to wake us up to the reality of the mess of our own creation. We have consistently chosen to ignore or suppress the messages and this has now become the official 'treatment' of those determined to 'save' us by invalidating and suppressing any truth they really don't want to know and would prefer to ignore and deny.

Note of caution for my readers, who are now, experiencing, or who have recently experienced , extreme states of consciousness.

This kind of chaotic story, which jumps all over time and connects seemingly unconnected details is the kind of thing which MAY trigger your own altered state and throw you back into it. So if you are not stable, or do not have your stability well established, so that you no longer feel the sense of time or dimensional 'shifting,' it may be advisable for you at this time to avoid this kind of thing as a precaution. This kind of thing can act like a PTSD trigger so please use appropriate judgement from where you are now, before watching things like this. If you do start watching and feel yourself becoming altered, stop watching and do something to connect you to concrete reality, the more mundane the better. You can catch up to this later after you are well stabliized.

So for the rest of you experts, why don't you try something new for a change and see how all this symbolic meaning, which is currently a confusing mess for all involved , actually turns out and how the puzzle gets solved.

I think you are going to find it 'fascinating,' just as fascinating as any other 'case.'

My take on it of course, could very well be wrong, but seeing how it all turns out in the end is part of the 'fascination' isn't it?

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