Monday, February 08, 2010

The Group Trance

The idea that is being used to allow the majority of the supposedly ‘normal’ to justify their verbal, psychological and sometimes physical abuse of the supposedly ‘abnormal’ who complain about them, is the belief that the ‘abnormal’ do not understand that they are being mocked, ridiculed and psychologically isolated (abused) since we are too ‘inferior’ to understand that.

This is the idea that creates and sustains the infinite loop of anti-logic. (an opposite of logic) This then becomes the irrational justification for the group (or mob) abuse of the selected targets. The targets of course see, hear and know all of this and assume that the abusers are fully aware that we do. Therefore, the question is often asked by targets, just as I asked my own abusers,

“WHY are you doing this to me?” For as targets we look for reason where there is no reason.

The problem is the abusers can only hear what they want to hear and therefore hear the question being asked of them in their OWN irrational terms.

Most often the answer we receive is something like, “No one is doing anything to you, “which is often accompanied by a big exasperated sigh. Or sometimes it is treated as if the behaviour acted out on us is justified by our ‘deserving’ of it as though the starting point of the problem were within us, and not related to the group perceptions and behaviour in any way. The chicken /egg paradox is ever present. What comes first; the behaviour and reactions of the target or the abuse of the antagonist and his/her supporters and enablers?

Of course from the target’s point of view the question means something like, “WHY are you targeting me, mocking, ridiculing, involving others in helping you to do it, lying, pretending to be too stupid to know what you are doing, acting out right in front of me like I am not there, threatening me if I try to talk about it to anyone, creating psychological traps from which there is no escape possible , fabricating more stories to justify yourself, trying to hide the truth, telling me I have to take it from you and not complain about it etc. and then SMILING and laughing with obvious glee while you do it all, as if watching my mind fragment under such inhumane pressure was best twisted entertainment and ‘fun’ you ever had in your life?

A state of hypnosis is induced by using suggestions that a collective ‘reality’ is identified by a concept, which is stated in absolute terms, without any connection to specific concrete details or evidence. Examples of that would be like these below which are actually thought stoppers designed to prevent debate. They are used like psychological white noise. Possible questions as those in the footnotes are not to be asked and most of us know immediately when we hear the hypnotic suggestions that this is the purpose of them, though we must not say so, right out loud for fear of being forced out of the group.

“No one can be blamed.”1

“We used to blame the family but we know better than that now.”2

“We must always be positive.”3

If we want to come out of this collective trance, we are going to have to first see that we are IN one and then we are going to have to question why, and how, we got this way and why we fight so damned hard to make sure we STAY this way, despite the fact that the ugliness we are so studiously avoiding is growing, and getting worse all the time, BECAUSE we are working so hard at denying it and averting our eyes.

A little more “religiosity’ for you:

“You are as sleep walkers.”

What do you Christians who are hiding the truth about what has happened here think THAT means?

It refers to the collective trance.

1 Why can’t anyone be blamed, for what exactly under what specific circumstances and why must everyone be innocent of any wrong doing? Is that reality?

2 WHOSE family, where, when, under what circumstances and are all family members innocent and good? Is the stuff about ‘families’ that makes the paper like child murder and parental rape just a bunch of lies then? If it has happened even ONCE, that ‘the family’ is to blame for anything, then the all inclusive abstractions are nonsense aren’t they?

3 Why? What will happen if we are not positive at times? Why do we have to go through life oblivious to what is wrong here and acting like grinning idiots? Do you who say this as if on auto pilot ever notice how much time you spend being negative?


Barbara said...

One of your best posts yet!

Pat said...

Thanks Barbara, I am getting more nitty and gritty in my old age. You might like to check my website which is loaded with more.