Saturday, March 27, 2010

How Do We Define Sanity and Insanity?

By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic

Well there are a number of ways but for this short post let's use this one;

Sanity is defined as being in touch with, or facing, reality.

Insanity has been defined in one way , being out of touch with, or denying reality.
Now I claim that many others are acting this all out right in front of me like I am not there and that they have been doing so for many years.

The same groups claim that they have seen heard and done nothing and that none of this has happened.

I am diagnosed as 'crazy' since it has been determined, (in eleven cost effective minutes) that my perception of reality is incorrect and therefore my reactions to this imagined version of my own reality are incorrect, which also means that I am out of touch with reality and in denial. (Refusing to believe I am crazy.)

Conversely, those in the above mentioned groups who deny they have done any of this and also that they have seen or heard anything that would validate my perception of my experience of it are defined as 'sane' and in touch with reality.

Is this definition of me and them, reality?

If it is not truth, who then are those who are out of touch with reality and in denial?

If it is the group to whom that definition can be applied, should they all then be forced out of their jobs and drugged against their wills for their own good?

Is there one standard of sanity/insanity being applied by psychiatry in such a case or are there two?

If the diagnostic criteria used by the DSM which is laid out as all inclusive abstractions in absolute terms, without being connected in any way by concrete evidence, (since evidence is not considered to be necessary,) doesn't that mean that this standard must be applied as it to all people to be valid?

If it's not, doesn't that mean there is a double standard being promoted and therefore that proves the diagnostic criteria are NOT universal truths and therefore should not be, and cannot be, used as ambiguous abstractions. How can there be a one size fits all form of assessment, without the presence of concrete evidence to back it up?
Do exceptions 'prove' rules or nullify them?
Wouldn't exceptions mean that the DSM is actually a book of theories without evidence, and therefore not actually relevant scientifically speaking at all?

Can any other organization, (police services and courts for example) get away with controlling anyone based on theory alone without evidence to back it up?

Why should the mental illness business be able to do that?

Let's take a few minutes again to go over the definitions above of sane and insane shall we? I find that many people don't seem to really understand them.


Mark p.s.2 said...

"delusions and hallucinations"
If I as a schizophrenic complain my landlord is f' ing with me, to the good doctor I am having "delusions and hallucinations".
I am guilty , the landlord is sane.
But as I took photos and documented my "delusions and hallucinations", and went to court. I received a judgement of damages in my favour of $5,000.

Delusion is in the eye of the beholder, unless the person is on drugs like PCP, withdrawing from drugs, or have not had proper sleep.

Take photos of your "delusions and hallucinations".

Patricia L said...

I wish I COULD take pictures of my daily life now. I have a bit of evidence but not enough apparently

Kelsey Benson said...

YES you are in denial!!! you have a personality disorder & this blog is proof that you're more in denial &would rather take the time & energy to convince the public that you're not insane rather than getting help? I don't even know you but I definitely see the denial& it's not really insane like you're trying to make it seem to be to people which is another sign to me that you are making people think that somebody is doing horrible things to you when you don't deserve it and you're just an innocent person who did nothing wrong you're not telling the whole story??
Yet nobody has been through more trauma at the hands of a guy like you. Then me &now our daughter!
I have taken psychology classes &courses. Im very interested in this since I have had to deal with somebody whose behavior at most all times was completely utterly baffling...
Nobody has a right to drug you up &keep you in a mental home unless you really have committed such a heinous act and are in complete denial about it!! unless that's what they diagnos you as in my opinion somebody who is in constant denial and refuses to admit the truth at all costs if its going to make them look bad and might admit some truth just to look like they're actually trying when they're really just mimicking in mirroring other people's behavior reason why they make the DSM so secretive so you can't try to pass it when you're really crazy..& for the last 12 years I've had to deal with my ex who I had a child with that is exactly like this so for the sake of anybody you might have who might love and care about u deeply especially your family do them a favor and if you don't really care about what they think or their opinions then you're even sicker than you think!! mental illness has become a huge problem in this country and thanks to the wonderful denial of people like you who are actually diagnosed &then continue to blog &put energy into other outlets rather than finding a solution for that issue!! Remember that Einstein defined the definition of insanity as doing the same things over and over and expecting different results?? so stop trying to make what happen to you into something that's against the law because for what you said to be 100 % true that they drug you and force you to stay against ur will yet your blogging on the Internet is kind of screwed up? clearly you have a problem with telling the truth and you have a huge issue called DENIAL knowing what I know about the system of psychology most likely you are exaggerating the truth unless you are leaving out some truth to make yourself and your story sound better either or I recommend you stop blogging &get help FAST!!!

Patricia said...

I just got this and I decided to publish this one as it just says it all. I would bet this gal is a student but in any case, note all the usual invalidation. this post is from 2010. however I will try to move it up to the current date so we can all hear the hostile corrections of crazy ME.

Mark p.s.2 said...

UPDATE May 16, 2013
To not give false hope I continue the history of my fight against my former landlord.
The landlord appealed the decision in my favor. He exploited my anger and fear in the appeal. The case was eventually reheard. He got the judges sympathy's for his losing money on the apartment building (which was somehow my fault). His smiles and persuasiveness made the judge believe his words rather than my physical evidence (photographs).
His own testimony damned him , and the judge continued to believe his lies.
I won a far lesser amount in the retrial, and he is again appealing the last decision in my favor.

I started this battle in November 2007 when I filed a civil complaint against him( it is now May 3013) and it will continue on.
The Bourgeoisie made the law for themselves, and it does protect themselves.

Patricia said...
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Patricia said...

Mark PS I do understand me through my website which has a personal email attached to it OK? your profile just keeps telling me that your profile is "NOT AVAILABLE"