Thursday, May 06, 2010


I Suffer From Monophrenia
By Patricia Lefave, admitted Monophrenic

What is Monophrenia you may ask?

Well it is the opposite of USPD (Unrecognized Schizophrenic Projection Disorder)

This is thought to be (by me and many other observers of the phenomenon) a very serious, usually incurable, and largely untreatable mental illness, nothing at all like diabetes since it is of metaphysical origin, and not physical or physiological, with it’s true origins in group dysfunction and the deeply entrenched defensive parameters of that dysfunction. It may seem genetic since it is passed along, generation after generation, by those who wish to be popular and well liked by other dysfunctional group members, but that is just part of the illusion of the dysfunction. It seems to have reached pandemic proportions and remains unidentified by most, as all the symptoms are neatly unloaded via projection, usually onto the bewildered Monophrenics of the group creating a most surreal, and quite unbelievable, alternate reality.

Monophrenics are those, who for some reason, can’t, or won’t, adopt a common dysfunctional splitting as the means of coping with contradiction, conflict or human duality. They often refuse to operate from behind a pleasant looking and sounding facade, as the others with USPD have been taught to do and with which they have complied. These facades function by keeping a heavy emphasis on discussing the weather, lovely shirts and blouses, recipes, sports and other vacuous topics designed to be non offensive, and then covertly spewing, usually angry, inappropriate and sarcastic assessments about ‘others’, the denial of their own mental problems, and the constant seeking of third party validation and enablement. The poor Monophrenic continues in the same old attitude despite the fact that it does not work, to be single minded. These unfortunate mutants say openly, exactly what he or she really means, and find the USPD facade people very strange, irrational and confusing. The Monophrenic tends to be unable to see the need for this bizarre, and what seems to him or her, pointless duality.

Unfortunately when the Monophrenic points this duality out to the USPD, and many of them do, as it seems so obvious to the monophrenic, the USPDs close ranks with other USPDs and the whole group then projects all of their own traits onto the Monophrenic. This shocks the poor Monophrenic who often finds it all totally bewildering. If the Monophrenic then ‘admits’ to be confused and bewildered, this is said to ‘prove’ the Monophrenic is the ‘sick’ one.

By the time the Monophrenic understands the switched positions, (and some NEVER do as they tend to remain Monophrenic, and to keep looking for reason in duality) it is too late as the psychiatric labelling has already been done.

As we all know, in The Psychiatric Faith what is done cannot be undone.

The Monophrenic must either then agree to be ‘mad’ as a lifetime career choice with extremely poor pay, and as defined by the USPDs, or else turn his/her own diagnosis into a lifetime career of resistance and fighting the USPD’s stolidly defended system. Those are the only two choices once diagnosis has been confirmed. To Monophrenics, this can seem like the choice between the proverbial rock and the hard place.

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