Thursday, May 06, 2010

They Weren’t Monsters

By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic
What is so endlessly terrifying about the Nazi Holocaust (and all other similar group ‘cleansings” as well) is not the idea that these things are done by some kind of ‘monsters’ but that these things are done by perfectly normal people, like your smiling duplicitous, next door neighbour who has bought into the genetic defective bit, the 'them and us’ scenario, and called the ‘gestapo’ of the day, to report signs and symbols of this defective human who lives next door. Anyone trained in Toronto by Gordon Warme, M.D., (who apparently feels such disdain for the Crazy and the Jews), both of whom are in groups who fail to ‘let it go,’ might pass this tidbit of information along.

“We” don’t 'let it go’, because ‘you,’ and those like you, still fail to understand that. You believe that if you see no monsters, there is no ongoing problem. Yet it is the failure to see that this is done, NOT by ‘monsters’ but by ordinary people, which allows it to continue to occur, over and over again.

Human beings are doomed to repeat what they fail to understand. When people like psychiatrists are handed unquestioned power and control, which bypasses Constitutions and Charters of Rights, without the masses even taking notice of that, we are recreating and accepting the SAME conditions, which allow the same kind of fascist control to take over before anyone has even noticed it is happening. It is the ‘them and us’ brand of thinking that creates that kind of splitting in the first place.

Many of you believe that what is done to me is deserved and also that it cannot be done to you, because YOU don’t ‘deserve’ it or because YOU aren’t ‘sick’ like 'THEM.'

I speak of this openly now, despite my fear of being psychiatrized and ‘treated’ further, because I have an even greater fear: that before too much longer, a GLOBAL agenda is going to be in place that is going to ensure their will be NO dissenting opinions allowed, anywhere on Earth and anyone who tries it, in any country, will be ‘helped’ with their genetic predisposition to be inherently defective, disordered, or to go 'mad' for ‘no reason.’ Nothing can seem so ‘altruistic’ as helping the poor, inferior human to stop complaining about being harmed, by such lovely and normal people as those poor, long suffering, psychiatrists and sometimes family and friends, who often can’t help thinking that such miserable defectives as 'us' would really be better off dead. It can be a short and slippery slope from thought to deed, as history has already shown us.

Unfortunately most people won't notice until they become one of ’them.' It will be too late then. The invalidation of any and all of your protests about your assessments are ALREADY built into your diagnosis and will be cited by those in charge as 'proof' of the own righteousness. They call the DSM their ' Bible, they wrote it themselves, and as those in good standing with the Psychiatric Faith will tell you, You can't argue with what is written in the Bible since doing so can only mean one is a heretic.

Surely you understand what history has done with heretics?

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