Thursday, May 06, 2010

What is Monophrenia?

What is Monophrenia?
By Patricia Lefave, admitted Monophrenic
It means: people who think they are “one,” meaning as a completely unique individual from the personal point of view, as well as people who think they share a collective spirit of being, which is connected to all others, from a collective point of view.
Monophrenics do not see this as a ‘choice’ of one or the other but as a fact of life, being both at the same time. We do not see this as a contradiction. The major characteristic of monophrenics is the lack of ability, need or desire to split themselves off and hide behind socially sanctioned facades in order to please the USPD’s. (Unrecognised Schizophrenic Projecting Delusionals) which make up the majority of dysfunctional groups.
Monophrenics tend to propose a live, and let live, attitude provided it comes with a mutual respect for boundaries. Though free speech is allowed and encouraged for all, actions taken to impose ideas, or the wills, of one individual, or group, over another, is NOT allowed. Mutual respect for personal boundaries is the baseline principle upon which all other rules are constructed.

It sounds simple and it is simple but it is not easy.
There is a great deal of unlearning to be done.
From the Monophrenic Mind
I have the human right to think my own thoughts, perceive my own experiences, and feel my own feelings, even if YOU don't agree with them.
If I am not breaking any laws, imposing my thoughts on others, or forcing my will upon you, then you should not be attempting to control me against my will. If you do then YOU are the one who is violating me, and you need to get yourself under control.

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