Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Denying the Reality of a Sick Society

By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic

Of course, I must clarify even the title of this for you.
I do not mean “sick” as in a “real” disease just like diabetes. I mean “sick” as in psycho-spiritually warped and acting out its collective problems instead of facing and then dealing with them, with a concrete goal of changing our dysfunctional ways.
The mental illness system isn't doing ANYBODY any favours by denying this is reality. In fact, it is INCREASING the scope of the problem and increasing the damaging results, not decreasing it.
When you deny that groups of people behave this way, you do two things at once, both of them detrimental to both individuals and society as a whole. You deny the reality of the victim's experience AND you support the denial and the delusional beliefs of the group (or mob) which is acting out against the victim. By pressuring individuals to deny the reality of their experience, you increase the likelihood that they will go 'mad' under the stress of it all, or commit suicide because there is no way out and/or take some of their abusers with them on the way out.  Allowing the group members who get involved to believe that ganging up on someone or treating them with contempt and hostility is OK and will not have destructive effects for the abusers as well as the victim, since the target is too stupid or crazy to see and understand THEM anyway, makes it MORE likely that the end result will be one of murder and/or suicide. Making those mass shootings appear to be random and meaningless pretty much ensures they will continue and that those who contribute to those outcomes as part of a mob mentality will be used by some of their victims for target practise on the way out of this life. Stop PRETENDING you don't know anything. Your pretensions are going to get people killed.  The REAL miracle is that it happens so infrequently given the amount of abuse the world is supporting right now, while calling it “normal.” Elliott from special victims' unit loses it when yet again, a suspect picked up for dealing in child porn makes the same tired excuse as the means of convincing himself that his perversion is acceptable; “they are just pictures.” The pervert is “correcting” Elliott you see who is making another of those big deals out of nothing. Elliott screams at him,” they are NOT JUST PICTURES!”
(because REAL human children are being terrorized and made sick in their minds by twisted adult human beings who are supposed to be protecting them and those adults have reduced those children to the level of OBJECTS,  or sex toys, to make those “pictures” so that they who make them, and they who buy them, can't get BLAMED for their own calloused and disgusting, thinking and behaviour.)
Stop EXCUSING group abuse and boundary violating behaviour and blaming the targets for 'choosing' to be victims. A society that has been manipulated to believe delusional nonsense like, “you can't be a victim unless you choose to be” is a society that is losing, or had already lost, its collective mind. Destroying the lives and minds of targets for the “fun” you get from doing it and the sense of “belonging” you feel as part of a “superior” mocking group is not “normal”, though it is becoming more common all the time.”

What that excuse making does, besides risking a DEADLY outcome for both sides,[1] is to support and enable the dynamic of this group behaviour which is kept going, generation after generation, with everyone playing the “no on must be blamed” game[2], until we ultimately destroy everything, and everyone, in the name of “blamelessness.” We may well destroy the whole planet but at least NO ONE will have to feel guilty about it! 
It's all backwards, like the mirror image of reality. Do you know why I am not “allowed” to confront anyone or to “accuse or blame others?” It's because it might upset those “others” to have to face the truth about themselves.
I once told one of my team of psychiatrists that I was the bridge.[3] (you know like Peter just did on Fringe. (Now be sure to tell Joel Gold in Montreal that I don't think I am actually in an episode of Fringe...so no need to turn it into another new “disease just like diabetes.”[4])
Do you yet understand WHY I am the “Bridge?”
A bridge connects two sides of something; in my own case the split reality of est and it's use in creating adversarial 'sides' while the re-creator “observes the action” of it from 'above.” I can see “it” from both sides at once. That was also true for Peter on Fringe.
These are metaphysical connections which some people see and others do not. In that recent episode of Fringe, Peter “bridged the game” between two warring universes trying to destroy each other in order to save themselves at the other's expense.
Same concepts: same metaphysical “play”...you know? Like a Shakespearean drama.

Message from Dr. Who this week past:
Have a look in the mirror and you'll see a whole other world; only THIS time it is no illusion.”

Is there such a thing as an alternate reality? Quantum theorists believe there is. Shouldn't you lock them all up then and drug them into submission?...for their own good of course. For of those who are not quantum theorists “think” they perceive an alternate reality and are called crazy for it, then quantum theorists must also be crazy right? Either that or the system that believes it sees madness as an abstraction in absolute terms must have a double standard going while being fully aware of it, which would make it unethical.  Or, the system is unaware of its own splitting of reality which makes it truly dangerous and possibly out of control. So which is it? What do you say we come out of the trance and try a little bit of critical thinking for a nice change of pace? Who knows? You might even manage to save a few lives and get some real lasting recovery going while doing it.

[1]  Suicide and/or murder and/or those 'random' shootings
[2]  While of course blaming the target even as they deny involvement
[3]  Of course I added to the statement that “no, Ii did not think I was the Mackinaw bridge...
[4]  By the way, the irony of that comparison is not lost on those who are having these drugs forced into them as they already know that the 'treatment' can actually CAUSE diabetes and several other real diseases as well.

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