Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Language of Dreams, Nightmares and Psychosis

By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic

It all comes from the same “place.”
The internal reality is the mirror of the external reality and visa versa.
The language used  is the same although the difference is in whether or not the images and ideas are taken to be literal, or metaphorical. Still though, they represent truth on some level; individual truth or collective truth, concrete or metaphysical reality. This is about our individual experiences of life as well as our collective ONE. Everything IS connected, even if you can't see it. More people are seeing it now then ever before and I think the reason is because we are now connecting physically so we can see more of what has always been there.
Now listen carefully to the dream language. This time I am doing it deliberately and in full control though in psychosis that is not the case.  I understand this because I experienced it AND I also got outside it, although 'technically” I am still a a part of the collective whole, I am just not enmeshed within it, or overwhelmed by it any more. So listen carefully.
Currently in concrete reality, I am surrounded by alienated and alienating people and they exist in all subsets of humanity. These people live in my “outer space”[1] as opposed to living in my “inner space.”  Still  though, these outer “voices” tend to be judgemental, pushy, nasty, contemptuous, 'superior', controlling and seem to love to be able to put THEIR thoughts about who I am, and what I feel, into MY head. Many of them operate in duplicity as a 'norm' and have no problem with hidden agendas as the means of getting control over others and getting their own way. In other words they are very invalidating and coercive, some to the point of wanting to force me to be who THEY want me to be as the way of justifying their own superiority to themselves.
These alienated types are always looking for ways to push their way into my 'space'  by getting other alienated people just like them to supply them with 'information' [2](no matter how vague or unreliable) which they might be able to use to 'abduct' me[3]...Then they can take me to their Home world[4]
These aliens[5] are trying to take over and rule the whole planet[6]. We've got to stop them![7]
Now, what I would like you all to think about, and look at, is the imagery and sounds of altered states of consciousness and just see if you can't see some new meaning in that if you take the time to see it as a very real metaphysical level of consciousness and a real 'reflection' on the human condition.

It is anything BUT 'meaningless.”

[1]  Not in my 'inner space' inside my head but outside in communal space.
[2]  Asking others what they have heard about me, what they think it 'means' when I am cleaning my apartment, interpreting my every comment and action in “alien” ways, watching like a group of stalkers to see who comes to the door of my apartment etc.
[3]  Aliens!...beings who are not human...pick me up without my co-operation and whisk me off to someplace that seems to me like they must be from some other planet or something...
[4]  Homewood! They can have the cops pick me up and force me into treatment against my will after “probing” me to see how I work and spending a lot of time focused on my sexuality.
[5]  Psychiatrists used to call themselves “alienists” which is an excellent term I think..very descriptive.
[6]  They currently have a GLOBAL agenda, not unlike other organizations which want to 'create and define reality itself' for all others and are determined to define what is 'normal' for everyone, presumably using themselves as the model for human 'superiority' and understanding.
[7]  Yes, we do need to stop the alienists from heading this way becasue NO subset of humanity should EVER be handed this kind of unquestioned power and control over everyone else. It is just wrong.

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