Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hypnotic Induction Used to Define Reality

By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic

This is one of the staples of dysfunction. For some of us though it just does not “take” so easily as we are those who tend to be critical thinkers rather than smiling, agreeable followers. Those who want to be followed without question really don't like us at all. Interestingly those who want to be followed without question are usually ALSO those who have followed others without question[1] as one thing appears in this over and over again; dysfunction is a chain reaction. Perhaps that is why so many mistakenly believe and really WANT to believe, it must be genetic.  Having it be “genetic” makes it seem more natural, normal and beyond human control, or choice, and the much desired blamelessness comes with that.
For my example for the meaning of hypnotic induction I will use the statement of Gordon Warme, M.D. as stated in one of his books on the subject. I am perhaps paraphrasing here as I do not have the book in front of me to quote directly. Still the point he made read like this:

Psychiatrists when they are thinking like psychiatrists, never accept anything the patient says at face value.”

Did you get that? It is a confession.

Patients often say there is something wrong with psychiatrists thinking, even though the patient can't quite put a finger on it. Psychiatrists of course say that there is something wrong with the patient's thinking, for thinking that there is something wrong with psychiatrists' thinking. When we sit in these cubicles with these professionals, we are told that if we find ourselves looking for hidden meaning, that this is a sign that we need more anti-psychotic. Looking for hidden meaning is considered by them to be a sign of psychosis. Got that? OK. Now look back up at what psychiatrists are taught. If they cannot accept anything at face value, then they have to look for “hidden” meaning, do they not? So if we look for hidden meaning we are ‘crazy’ and if they look for it, they are ‘experts.’ So we laugh and feel like we are trapped in the Matrix. (Or in the Brave New World etc. depending upon your age group.

This is an infinite loop, split in two, as the means of maintaining the dysfunctional “them and us” power struggle. It is also a form of hypnotic induction. Hypnotic inductions have elements in common no matter who is using them or how they are used.

1.   They suggest this is a group you really WANT to be a part of.
2.   They use absolute terms to close the loop. They are, in other words, designed as closed systems.
3.   They divide people between “them and us” from the outset; you are either with “them” or you are with “us” but you cannot be both. You will be required to choose one or the other.
4.   Peer pressure or group pressure will be used to 'help' you make the “right” choice. The “right” choice is the one the leader tells you is the right choice. Failure to choose 'correctly' will result in your rejection from the group and attacks on your character or integrity which you will want to get stopped.
5.   The meaning of everything will be defined by the leader and all those who are loyal to the leader, whom they follow without question. The leader and the group members validate themselves BY invalidating all outside points of view.
6.   Most importantly, the induction is presented as an abstract concept in absolute terms[2] apart from any real evidence or concrete details which might clarify meaning or make it appear to be essentially meaningless.  It is repeated like a mantra and used especially if there is any sign or attempt to question it. It is used to block questions or as a critical thought stopper. This is what metaphysics is all about.

This is metaphysical “magic” and the purpose of it is for one group seen as having the superior understanding or worth, to gain, and maintain, control over another group seen as 'inferior' to the first group.

I can't tell my psychiatrist that I know more about my own experience than he does because he knows everything, which means of course that unless I agree[3] with him, I know nothing.[4] Those are our assigned roles in life. He “never takes anything I say at face value.” He has in fact, been programmed by his training not to do so.  If he wants to belong to psychiatry and be considered to be a “good” one, and take care of his career, he never will. We are after all in two different categories of human beings: “them and us.” According to them (or us, depending upon where you are standing when using those personal pronouns) that is just the way it SHOULD be and anyone who does not think so must be 'crazy.”
I must say there are times when I would rather be 'crazy' like me than 'sane' like many others. I think my own expectations are VERY realistic. In fact, I can predict most of these outcomes from close to the start of the action. Of course I too suffer from the 'error'  of looking for 'reason' where there is no reason in the first place. That is in fact, how those who operate from a premise of “unreasonableness” as the means of gaining power and control, know that I am 'inferior' to them and therefore I cause my own victimization. Knowing and understanding that in a way that I , as an outsider, never would, “proves” to them that they are of a superior status and not responsible at all for what happens to others they target with their lessons on life. It opens the superior people right up to “possibility” for if there really is “no right or wrong”, then there is LIMITLESS possibility opened up to them, isn't there?
If I wasn't such an 'inferior' victim, I would know that. Therefore, I deserve what I get for “choosing” to be a victim. Repeat after me as an endless mantra of our time: There is no reality; only perception and no one can be blamed. If you get targeted yourself, repeat it endlessly to keep reality away. You're abuser will love you for it.

[1]  So they can 'belong” and be liked by the other followers
[2]  “never, always, everyone, no one”...etc.
[3]  Comply
[4]  Everything and nothing ARE the same thing; both meaningless in relation to real life. Nothing but hypnosis inducing trigger words for trance states.

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