Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Quick Awareness Exercise for Mental Health Pros of All Levels

This is also for friends, families and employers engaged in “helping” the “mentally ill.” By the way...I am not disputing the fact that people get “sick” and that “mental” or “mind” illness is very real. I know. I have shared that experience. I am disputing the automatic assumption as put forth by the system, that this “illness” is something neatly contained within the individual , “like diabetes,” who becomes ill in life, and that it is without any connection at all to external reality; events, trauma, or other illnesses as well[1],  INCLUDING relationships with psychiatrists, who are constantly chanting the dysfunctional mantra.

So here is a very brief exercise for all of you 'normal' people who are so certain about some things you actually don't understand at all.

Changing the sound of one of your favourite mantras:

All I want you to  do is change the word “blame” to it's definition, “to hold accountable” and then start your chant while listening closely to what you are saying. Form a circle, join hands and watch each other's faces as you repeat your mantra, slowly,  no fewer than then ten times.  Ready? Go!

“No one can be held accountable.”

or the other version of it as mouthed by mental health pros on auto response

“We can't hold others accountable.”

Focus: “No one” means for anything, any time, anywhere, for any reason. In the second case, who are “we” and who are the “others”?

In the first case is EVERYONE blameless and not to be accountable for ANYTHING? If so, for what possible reason would we need to keep paying for police agencies, courts, prisons  and lawyers since those in the know tell us that they are not to be blamed at all and that there is no reality, no right or wrong and all of life is just a matter of changing your “PERCEPTION” of it?

Both of those statements are ambiguous abstractions in absolute terms. Both are on the level of metaphysics, APART from concrete detail and that is exactly what hypnotic induction is all about. Do you really believe what you are saying or are you just on auto-response like automatons? What “Matrix” are YOU “plugged into?”
Do you notice you sure seem to to change your mantra when the one being violated is YOU? This people, is called “splitting” and you who do it while claiming you do not do it, are the ones who are “IN DENIAL.” Get the log out of your own eye so it will stop obstructing your view of me, and everyone else like me, to whom you are applying your blatantly obvious double standards.
You aren't fooling us. You are fooling yourselves.
Stop getting angry at us for being able to see you and start getting angry about your own brainwashing that has prevented you from seeing the truth that is right under your own noses.

Metaphysical abstractions in absolute terms are meaningless. They only have any real meaning when they are CONNECTED to concrete specific details on the physical level. Physical and metaphysical go together. It is only when you separate them that both sides of the same experience become meaningless.

[1]  Like Alzheimer's, brain tumours and Lupus to name but a few of the real diseases in which altered states called psychosis exist and are part of the symptomology.

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It gives the useful knowledge of Quick Awareness Exercise for Mental Health Pros of All Levels. So here is a very brief exercise for all of you 'normal' people who are so certain about some things you actually don't understand at all.