Thursday, June 16, 2011

Here It Is; Your Moment Of Zen....

By Patricia Lefave, Labelled, D.D.(P)
I remember reading somewhere once that the intellectually challenged people do not go "mad."
A high number of people in my own "fascinating case," do not see any reason for me to have been confused, nor why I "had to have a breakdown over it." I think the emphasis on that statement should be on the “do not see” part as that is certainly true. So I intend to help them learn how to see a lot of the things they 'don't see' now.
In fact, several have expressed just these sentiments, with sneering contempt, while striking the "observation" pose, standing only a few feet away from me.
( I used to believe such incidents were part of the "joke" being directed by my protagonist. For HOW could such obvious scenes NOT be a joke? )

One of the people who performed this little act for me said she was "quite sure SHE would never go crazy since she's not as “stupid" as I am. Perhaps she has never heard about why some people don't go "mad." Let me share some of that theory with you here and now.
On “Confusion”
You know something? You have to be AWARE of contradictions, or multiple versions of “reality” and/or  multiple choice in meaning to be confused by the ambiguous abstractions. Those who try to hide the concrete details from those you try to 'confuse' for the 'fun' of it, or because you want to keep from being “found out” for your abuse of someone, all need to know that. I intend to make sure that you do and also that you are made FULLY aware, of MY awareness, of you and all of your manipulative ploys and attempts to conceal yourselves from my awareness and that of others as well. I know you. I know what you do and why you do it.
It is most often the most dull witted and narrow of mind who are never “confused” and also they who amusingly believe that their LACK of awareness, beyond their own narrow view is “superiority” in understanding or worth. They also seem to believe that the one and only meaning they see and hear is the ONLY meaning that could possibly exist. How hard those ones will fight to keep from seeing and hearing anything beyond the ends of their own noses. For their simpleminded world view, in which they are the  'successful' and the “normal” ones, cannot be brought into question.

I think there are many people involved in this who are going to be able to take great comfort from knowing it is very unlikely they will ever go mad, don't you?

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