Saturday, June 18, 2011

Two Bits in Bytes

Thinking in Terms of Bio Psych

If the one in “authority” is heading heads toward a cliff and is about to fall off, I can't say anything as it might upset him to have to hear it, or it might cause him to doubt his authority. More than that though, I will have to fall off the cliff with him so he won't find me “O.D.D.” We may both end up dead in the end, but at least on the way down, he won't have to suffer any self doubt or feel “awkward” and I will be highly praised by authority for my compliance. Could it get much better than that? Well, I am just 'self important' enough to think that it could... Of course that is probably because I don't understand the human mind like bio psychiatrists since I have not been highly trained like those in authority.

Nothing Like Diabetes

Psychiatry needs to stop seeing people in psycho spiritual distress as self contained disease processes “just like Diabetes.” It may seem like a good idea to view people in neat little containers which can then be understood as such but in reality we are not walking, talking disease processes and seeing human beings in this false and reductionist way harms them, harms society, and harms psychiatrists. You have to stop it and get real.

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