Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Splitters Represent the Norm.

By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic

The splitters deny their own splitting. They consider it to be 'hidden' from non splitters, but it is not. They also consider their ability to split and act in duplicitous ways to be of a higher order of human and of course we do not consider that to be the case at all. When we deal with splitters and their projections, we are always expected by them to choose a 'side.'  They expect us to do that because that is how THEY think. Since they always defend how they think, they are obliged to see anyone who does not think like them as “less than.” Otherwise they might lose the 'contest' they believe they are in.

We monophrenics are not at all interested in choosing 'sides.' We do not in fact, see 'sides' as identifiable in terms of subsets of human beings. We DO see 'sides'  in terms of principles or concepts. So although we DO choose a 'side' at this point in time,  it is based on WHAT, and not WHO, or on group consensus about who someone is, and splitters don't understand that at all. To splitters we are  either with THEM or we are against THEM. We are either behaving just like them and focused on those outside their group as “less than” or we ARE the people outside the group being focused on as 'less than.” But what you don't do with splitters is question their groupthink or suggest it does not make any sense.  Life is a contest they must 'win.' We often don't know how to deal with them without becoming just like them and we do not WANT to be like them. A Splitter is highly insulted by a remark like that. Splitters are always highly insulted.

It is a contest we are not in and have no interest in being in either.  To them that makes us 'weird' or 'ill.' They do not understands that we are for, or against , ideas which either resolve, or maintain and reinforce, problems, or for, or against, ideas which aim at mutuality and equality of being, or which are mutually destructive and promote a superior/inferior splitting. Splitters are people who believe they are either on one side of a power struggle or the other and that this is 'normal' and monophrenics are not interested in being in a power struggle at ALL. Splitters see this as weakness or a lack of understanding in us. We see it as the opposite. They can't see that. They would not be able to 'win' the contest they are in if they did. 
But we also know that most of the time we would never be able to convince a splitter of that. Splitters consider their duplicity to be 'superiority' and out of a  better mind. They are enmeshed with others all the time. They don't recognize boundaries as legitimate.  They do not see themselves as lacking awareness.
There is no real communication between these two subsets of society because they are operating from completely different premises of thought. Naturally those who see themselves as in a contest with us must believe their premise is the “correct” one as of they did not, they would not know how to  function at all. 

Most of us don't mind at all if the splitters choose to ignore us as we find dealing with them emotionally and psychologically exhausting anyway. It seems quite pointless to us most of the time. The only time we have a real problem with them is usually when one of them needs to become a control freak, targets one of us as someone they need to get under control,  and does so as a way of validating and defending his/her own way of being from his/her point of view. These ones try to IMPOSE their belief system upon us, against our will if necessary, in order to reassure themselves about how 'normal' they are. The problem is in them; not us. But it is a rare splitter who ever admits to anything like that. That is because their own thinking is a loop that feeds back upon itself. Life is a contest they must 'win' so whomsoever suggests in any way that they are not 'winners' must be vanquished!

Monophrenics find the 'contest' itself absolutely pointless and exhausting.
Because we see it as pointless and senseless we have not gotten the point and that is what we need to do.

For the splitters, the point of the contest they are in with us is to 'win.' There is not OTHER reason for what they do. If you understand that, you will stop trying to deal with it logically and you will also stop giving the splitters too much credit for understanding and awareness. They don't have it. They only believe they do and they are the delusional ones in the first place. If you understand that, you will be able to make some kind of sense of your experience with them based on how THEY think not on how YOU think. Right now there are more of 'them' than there are of 'us'[1] but if we understand HOW to think like splitters and then reveal that openly, the revelation itself will cause this to change.

Think of it as like tearing away “a veil” to see the true face which lies beneath the illusion. Or like knocking down a wall to see what has been hidden inside.

When the splitters learn we can see them and hear them as they obviously are, the splitting itself becomes pointless to THEM as well.

[1]  Paradoxical isn't it?

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