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It is a Quantum Leap from Abstract Thought to Individual Experience

By Patricia Lefave, ex mental patient

Originally published elsewhere in 2006

Abstractions cannot define concrete experience in absolute terms.
Theory and fact must fit together. You cannot force either one into the other.

As a good cop could tell you, evidence without context has no meaning.
It is also true that abstract concepts without evidence has no meaning either and perhaps psychiatrists need to hear this a lot more often.
This applies to all levels of proof of the meaning of anything. Concrete and abstract, left brain and right brain, must work together to really solve the mysteries of life in all disciplines.

Now given this as the starting point, let me give you a concrete example right out of my own life.
To make my point about some things I have to use these indirect methods as I am ‘not allowed’ to know what I know, without offending all the powers that be, who want so desperately to maintain the dysfunctional status quo. So I use various means to make my points known. One of the things I do these days while I ‘wait for Godot’ and the granting of ‘permission’ to speak openly, is use my apartment door as a means of abstract (so it might seem ) communication. It is indirect and non-offencive to anyone other than the ones who understand it. This is a good example of how people will either find meaning in what is said or else be unable to see any meaning at all. Here is an example of something which I just recently posted. It said:

“People who talk about other people are in turn, talked about BY other people for talking about other people. Of course, this is all done covertly so keep it a secret and don’t tell anyone.”

( this is about the fact that I have heard everything the talkers (Chronic Gossips) are talking about because the talkers never stop talking)

I used this as an example of how absurd it is to be gossiping all the time and think it is not known. As a result of this little framed abstract gem, one of the people to whom this most applies got quite put out about it. When passing my door which this person reads, the individual remarked to another one, “You can’t even walk down the hall without having to look at that!”

Now this person knows, that I know, they have all assessed and evaluated my worth amongst themselves and passed along all the ‘stories’ they have all had going for many years. They act this out in front of me everywhere I go but keep pretending to my face[1] they don’t know anything. So this too was acted out for me as usual.
Having gotten the response from the individual I then took that one down and replaced it with this:
“If there is something we don’t want to see we can avert our eyes; if only our ears would work the same way.”

(I am telling this person no one forces anyone to look but I wish I didn’t have to listen to all this crap all the time without being able to say anything about it to anyone and of course I can't as I have been forbidden to do so by those who deny the group behaviour exists and labelled me “mad” for believing that it does. .  )
Later, another person walked down the hall and read this same abstract message but did not feel angry at all, just sort of puzzled by it. This one wondered what it meant. To that one it did not mean much of anything, since that person is not the one making all the nasty comments to which the messages apply.
Now if you read those messages without knowing what I know, and without knowing what the person they are a response to also knows, they may not make much sense to you if at all. BUT they DO make sense to the individual to whom I am responding and both of us know that even if no one else does.
So if you understand this, now you know that abstract ideas don’t mean much without context, because other people will just project into them whatever they mean, or don’t mean, to them.  That is not real communication though. It is the absence of any real communication.

(The same is true of “evidence,” as evidence without abstract meaning or context, is very much the same. )
Abstractions, especially in absolute terms,  are in fact, pretty useless as means of any real collective communication. Yet they can be very clear to anyone who understands them within the CONTEXT of the individuals’ personal reality.

The only way to really understand what someone really means about anything is to talk to them openly and directly. Nothing else works. If people don’t, or won’t do that, the ‘reality’ they think they understand may well be nothing more than their own fantasy; even if it is a collective fantasy. Preferring to live in a collective social fantasy may just be the most significant of the undiagnosed ‘mental illnesses’ there is.

Below is a short piece previously posted by me under the pseudonym Krystal Klarity:

Context without Evidence
By Krystal Klarity

(Patricia Lefave)

"Evidence without context to THEM, might mean something to me."
Stella Bonasierra
C.S.I. New York
(messages off the T.V.)

The problem with psychiatry is it thinks and it acts in ways counter to investigative practises, in ways opposite to those of investigators.
Though police agencies may know that evidence without context (concrete and abstract) has no meaning, psychiatry believes context (as supplied by them) without any evidence at all is perfectly logical and such judgements by this means are all justifiable in their opinion.
It is like they are psychic wannabes and astrologers while simultaneously condemning such practises as nothing but superstitious nonsense.
The duality in their reasoning just stares us in the face as we sit looking at it from the receiving end.
Yet they, and most of the people convinced of their great expertise, see and hear nothing strange in what comes out of their own mouths as “logic”, or in any anything they do to impose power and control over others who are subjected to their judgements.
In fact, to preserve their duality intact, they then declare the perfectly obvious, which we see and hear, to be more delusions in US, which only goes to further 'prove' how right they are to think the way they do.

"There are none so blind as those who cannot see."

 That is both abstract and concrete.
(Especially when what they cannot “see” is themselves)

[1]  Meaning a few feet closer or in terms of genuine, direct communication.

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