Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mad Dogs and the Humane Society

A Little Parable
By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic

A group of buddies known as the Sphincter Crew decides to have them a little 'fun' after spotting a stray dog walking along a path in the park, minding its own business and smelling flowers.

The Sphincter crew chases the dog into an old abandoned building and backs him into a corner. They then tease the dog for hours so they can “get a reaction.” the whole time they are doing it of course they are laughing like this is the most 'fun' they have ever had and there is much of that forced laughter routine going back and forth. You know the kind I mean...? That idiot bonding bit...hooo hooo hooo.....These are the same types that laugh at beheadings and yell and mock the victims of lynchings and stonings. The good old boys.

Finally after much effort, the boys get them a good reaction. Since 'flight' has proved impossible, the dog begins to snarl viciously and bares his fangs...he is getting ready to fight for his life.

The leader of the Sphincters then whips out his cell phone1 and calls the Humane society to report a dangerous animal is loose. When the control officer arrives, he see a dog snarling, baring his teeth and his hackles up. He thanks the leader of the sphincters for calling it in as ''You never know what a mad dog might be going to do.”

The control officer then shoots the dog with a tranquilizer dart, hooks him around the neck with a choke chain on a long pole and drags him struggling and whimpering to a cage and loads him into the transport so that he can be taken to a quiet room and watched for twenty four hours. Sure enough, as soon as the tranquilizer started to wear off, the dog began to struggle to get free of the cage and snarled when anyone went near him.

So they judged the dog to be an obvious danger to others and then the next day including they killed him for the good of the community.

They called the Sphincter leader and thanked him for his community service. He said he was just glad he could help. Then he and his two buddies went out for the evening to see if they could find any swans or flamingos down by the river.

What is wrong with this story?

Let me give you a few hints. The Humane Society was treating effects, not causes. They drugged reactions and did not even glance at any stimuli nor consider that there may be a problem with the Sphincter Crew that the Humane Society did not understand. Instead, they enabled, supported and reinforced the behaviour of the Crew, no questions asked.

The moral of this little parable?

ALL living beings who get backed into inescapable and intolerable positions are left with no solution other than the fight or flight response. At times, both are used when the helpless and hopeless one decides to take a member or two of the Sphincter Crew out with him. This does not have to happen.

If the Humane Society did something about the Sphincter Crew BEFORE they drive the dogs mad, all lives would be saved including the lives of the Crew members and none of them would be a 'danger to themselves or others. '

So am I advocating for the Humane Society to shoot tranquilizers darts into everyone before they try anything? On the contrary. I am suggesting you start paying attention to the travels of the Sphincter Crew as they chase the dogs, swans and flamingos into abandoned buildings to have them a little “fun” at the expense of those who doing nothing more than minding their own business while they took a walk to smell the flowers and ended up “mad” or dead for trying to get out of inescapable situations.

1Which his mommy got him for his birthday in case the poor boy needs a ride home from downtown on Friday nights.

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