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New Disease Prediction for Joel Gold, M.D. in Montreal

By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic

Inception (Syndrome)

The more powerful the issue, the more powerful the catharsis. “The projections” are closing in fast...

(in the “reality” of the group altered state)
from the Movie Inception

Joel will think that his unwilling patients actually believe they are in the movie “Inception” because some of them will say, I feel like I am trapped in the lower levels of the movie Inception with no way out.

Joel will of course take that literally even though at other times when the patients are ACTUALLY being literal, he will NOT take what they say “at face value.” Why?

Because this is another movie which those in THIS age group and time period will use as a metaphor for their experiences with psychiatrists and others.

In it is the usual pattern of group relationship and the feeling as the identified patient that one is inside a construct being passed off as reality and not in reality at all. It is part of the surreal experience with others who cannot see themselves as a major part of the problem.

Overall, the theme, the meaning and the metaphysics of “Inception” could be stated something like this:

An agent (CIA?) who works with a team, has as a goal of recreating “reality” as a controlled dream state which the subject targeted must be convinced to accept as real. To do this, the agent uses a small amount of plausible concrete detail to seed the 'truth' as a baseline of this alternate reality, and then allows, and expects, the “subject” to fill in the rest of the concrete details out of his or her own subjectively projected material coming from his or her own unconscious.

Those creating the “inception” must be very careful though not to project too much of their own subconscious material into the construct, as if they do, their mission to control the subject's perception of reality and extract the information they want from the 'subject” (stealing thoughts) could fail. That is because the Inception won't then be accepted by the subject if there is too much information projected into it from outside his or her own consciousness. It would then be recognized as false or unbelievable and will ruin the group mission.

The aim is to create and control the “subject's” perception of reality so that he will co-operate (comply?) with the agent's hidden agenda. In reality the participants are ALL unconscious and operating together inside a false construct which appears to be 'real” but which is in fact, a fantasy world.

Now in the movie, the first person the covert operator/agent experimented on was his own wife, who never came out of the alternate reality and fully accepted the “switch” of realities.

She then explained to her husband the “covert operator/agent” that she knew that they were both inside a dream and that the only way to get “back” to “reality” was to die out of the dream and wake up again in the real world.

The government agent, her husband, could not convince her that the reality she was in right then was in fact, the real one. He had done too good a job of creating the alternate construct for her.

So she jumped off a high building, certain that doing so was the only way out and the only way to get back to real life.

After that, every construct used in the Inception programme to extract information from others included the agent's dead wife as a part of his own subjective projection into the construct. He couldn't control it. He couldn't keep her out. His own guilt kept her inside the altered reality of his own construct with others. SHE had become one of the unwanted projections injected into every construct by his own unconscious mind.

Finally before he left the collective unconscious on his last mission, he was able at last, to let her go. She finally died in there just as she had in real life.

Final Scene:
The agent returns to concrete reality at last where he is reunited with his father in law and his two lost children. It is finally over and he is now free to move on with his life.

Reality: The reality he is in now, which he believes is the real one, is a subjective projection which he does not recognize as such. He got lost in his own inception and because he did, he did not really make it back from his last mission. His last mission really was his last mission. He died there.

Inception Syndrome
This is the kind of movie or book etc. that many of the psychiatrized will relate to personally and it is because the CONSTRUCT in it, on a metaphysical level, the theme, the group dynamic MIRRORS the reality they are experiencing with psychiatry and others as the “subject.” Just like in “Gaslight” (previous generation) Logan's Run or “the Matrix” or “Groundhog Day” or the “Truman Show” or books like Brave New World, 1984, or Catch 22 etc.

The reason that people in psychiatric institutions or crazy situations will connect to this KIND of movie or book is because it defines their own experience on a conceptual level. It is not the details that matter. It's the concepts behind the details.

If the patients already understand what happened to them it will be a metaphor. If the patients are really in an altered state of consciousness, they will feel a very strong draw to such a movie, as if it was a “message” meant just for them personally, which, on a certain level of understanding, it IS.

The strong sub conscious draw to it is because of the conceptual information in it which can provide them with the missing information needed to make sense of their own, very similar, metaphysical experience in external reality...the one being DENIED by virtually everyone around them.

These are metaphors for the reality of the experience with psychiatrists and many others, who delude themselves that THEY are “objective observers” of “subjects” who are having the nature of 'reality' defined FOR them by those “objective observers” who are, in fact, subjectively projecting their own construct of “reality” onto the subject who is made powerless to stop them or to get them to listen.
Doctors like Joel Gold see these metaphors for reality as new “diseases” because they do not see themselves as “interpreting” the patient's reality in ways that will make it “fit” into the psychiatrist's pre-fab construct of an alternate reality. So, instead of hearing what the trapped patients say AS reality based, they hear it as “delusional” making statements about it that SEEM rational to the psychiatrist. These will be ”interpretations” like:

It must be awful to have a disease that makes you believe you are trapped inside a movie.”
In reality, what is truly awful is to be told that you ARE a disease, and that your reality makes no sense because no matter WHAT you say, or HOW you say it, the psychiatrist cannot really HEAR you. S/He can only hear his/her own “Inception” and s/h believes that s/he is in control of reality....and s/he has the concrete POWER, which is all too real, to control you, and to create and defined YOUR reality FOR you.
Your family and friends, (if you have any left still listening) will accept whatever s/he says without question because s/he is an “expert” in these things.

Your life, as you knew it before, is now over. However, for those of you experiencing this as the “subjects” and not the “objective observers” know this:

You are NOT alone.

We “experiencers” are all here, connected and working together, and we will help you understand what has happened to you and help you find your way out of the psychiatric construct, the maze from which no escape seems possible.

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