Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Psychiatry Stuck in its Own O.O.S.

What is OOS you ask, or WOULD ask if you knew what a two way DIAlogue actually was between the psychiatrists and the psychiatrized....
Well, OOS is a very serious condition which affects psychiatrists who buy everything they get sold in their own training and it stands for Objective Observer Syndrome. T his is a very serious contagious syndrome that causes the sufferer to perceive him or herself as APART from the relationship WITH the identified patient and as a kind of invisible onlooker rather than a participant in the psycho-social transaction that is taking place. The result of this perception problem is that the psychiatrist cannot really HEAR what the  identified patient is saying because the I.P. is talking in terms of relationship with the psychiatrist and others but the psychiatrist sees and hears the IP as a self contained “disease process” without connection to external reality, or life events or other people INCLUDING the psychiatrist  who is OOSing all over the patient.
The result is we get this as seen below;

Now the IP in this case is expressing his feelings and frustrations with psychiatrists by using stills from the Movie “The Matrix[1] to make his point. (Take the blue pill. An actual commercial by Big Pharma has instructed the TV viewers to whom they are marketing their products directly to “ask your doctor for the purple pill.”)
Now psychiatrists like Joel Gold, suffering from OOS won't get the connection between what they DO and what it is like to be on the receiving end of what they do. The reason they can't see the connection is BECAUSE they have OOS Syndrome but believe they do not have a problem.[2]
So Joel Gold and all those well trained like him, hear the metaphor used to describe the appalling relationship with psychiatry and it's constant invalidation of  the I P's reality to being trapped in the Matrix, which is a movie about those in power, with total control who are creating and defining reality itself, for everyone else, and fighting very hard against all those who try to tell them so by proclaiming the comparison to be yet another new “disease” which those with all the power will also now control BY invalidating the metaphor as “madness.” This is the circle of insanity, the infinite loop of a closed system that feeds itself.

[1]  That is Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburn you see there)
[2]  Which ironically is described by psychiatry as being even MORE “ILL” than those who know they have a problem...a little more of that psychiatric humour they have going without noticing it!

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