Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bullying: A Form of Self Delusion

By Patricia Lefave, monophrenic

This is another form of self delusion which is based on a tautological argument we COULD callanti-logicwhich is designed BY the bully to justify him/herself and the bullying. In other words, the premise of the bully's warped thinking and behaviour, and the goal of bully rest on the same point, or false premise. To the bully, the beginning and the end are the same thing. This is the nature of his/her self delusion. In short, bullies are delusional but don't know it.
Their victims often form co-dependent  relationships with them, often out of necessity, then try to get the bully toseehim/herself usingreasonand equality of relating which, of course, doesn't work. It doesn't work becausereasonhas nothing whatsoever to do with what it is that is motivating the bully to think and behave the way s/he does.
Groupthink as a Closed System
This group phenomenon, which frequently results from an unseen or unacknowledged, bullying starting point, is a serious form of entrapment and it exists in families, school groups, gangs and workplaces as well as in the definitions of  illnessin psychiatry itself.
It creates a closed dysfunctional system that feeds itself with its warped view of life and relationship as defined like this:


which are presented as the ONLY options for functioning within it, with nothing OUTSIDE the system. But that's a lie. That lie is also built INTO the system in order to keep it closed. The result (effect) is that you get many highly educated people telling you that to expect honesty, integrity and REAL resolution from those who consider themselves to be yoursuperiorsis to haveunrealistic expectations.

No one even HEARS that as a problem in thinking.

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