Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Psychiatric Paradox

...By the Psychiatric Faith, a System Which Feeds Itself 
Presented by Patricia Lefave, who had to be able to transcend paradox to escape from the “help.”
In keeping with the Faith, let us sing a round, slightly modified, of that great old hymn shall we?

“Will that circle, ever get broken, by and by Doc, by and by.....” 

Definition: A Nexus statement is a true statement on some LEVEL, with opposite meanings depending upon the premise to which it is attached. It is also about the position you are in when you hear it. The same words mean different things depending upon context, or Con-Text. See what I mean? They are statements with ambiguous meaning.  

The Starting Point:
A False Premise- usually that the relationship between an original pair is presented to third parties by an aggressor with a hidden agenda of domination, as the opposite of the reality of the situation.
A group of the neurotically enmeshed, gets involved and supports the aggressor believing they are supporting the “falsely accused.” They then act out, treating the victim “as if” the victim was actually the aggressor, who is also seen as “crazy” or stupid.[1]  Since the victim is just “crazy and/or stupid” the group members can act out their own abuse of the victim, in plain sight of the victim, certain that the crazy or stupid one won't really understand what they are doing or saying anyway.[2] No genuine direct communication occurs between the victim and the group members who see themselves as the superior minds.

The victim states to a psychiatrist who gets involved, that what is happening with a group's involvement, IS happening. The psychiatrist “knows” that it isn't happening as the victim perceives it, and often will point out to the victim the irrationality[3] of it; “Do you not see”, says the wise one, “people would have no reason to behave that way.”[4]
Now, let me quote myself again: Stop there.”There is no “reason” in what these people are doing. It is emotion based and is reactive to a false stimulus.

Since the doctor needs to see the masses as “reasonable” the doctor then makes the identified patient's reality “disappear” by declaring the victim’s accurate (or mostly accurate) perception of it, and reactions to it, to be “unreasonable.”
The victim is now officially “crazy” and the group can remain deluded that their acting out in plain sight is still well “hidden” from an “inferior” human being. The victim is now locked in to his/her assigned role. With no way out and the group abuse tends to escalate, especially among those who believe that verbally (or even physically) abusing someone who “deserves it” is acceptable behaviour.
This paradoxical trap creates permanent scapegoats for the masses to use as socially sanctioned targets of group contempt and the payoff for doing so is an emotional group catharsis.
That, doctors, is the answer to your question, “but WHY would a group of people to this when it is not “reasonable?REASON has nothing to do with it. 
The scapegoats usually KNOW they are scapegoats being abused by others who are getting away with it by blaming their victim for “making” them do it. But since psychiatry, and society generally, rejects what the victims of this say, and replaces it with a definition of the victim as a talking “disease process,” usually said to be saying what they are, about all those blameless others “just to seek attention,” the victim also KNOWS there is no escape from the role. Stating the truth of the experience has been defined as symptoms “proving” how right the group is for believing what they do. This is backed up by psychiatrists who have made the  DENIAL of the victim's reality official, correct and LEGAL. After all, it must be true if those who believe it wrote it down in a handbook[5] proving it to be true, right?
The victim, who only “thinks” s/he is a victim, is now totally controlled and the original aggressor with the hidden agenda of domination “wins” and remains concealed, and of course “mystified” by those “false” accusations.
And that folks is how aggression gets supported and enabled by the masses who do so because they just “KNOW” that people would have “no reason” to think and behave the way the “victim/stupid/crazy person “claims” they do.
Nexus statement: “there is no reason in what they do.”
But who exactly, are “they”? 
Face reality. “Them and us” is an illusion; a long standing one for sure, but still an illusion.

[1]  The  Circle begins; the victim is now falsely accused for “falsely accusing” the “other” who can never be blamed.
[2]  That bolded part is a nexus point.
[3]  Nexus assessment
[4]  Nexus statement again.
[5]  DSM- aka the Dysfunctional Systems Manual

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