Saturday, December 03, 2011

People in Altered States of Consciousness

...Who Think They are Jesus
By Patricia Lefave, Monophrenic

See if you can manage to connect to this.

Jesus represents the truth which gets killed and buried. Can you HEAR that metaphysically speaking? Another saying is,God is Truth.So then if Jesus is God or just LIKE God, then Jesus is Truth. Got that?
So then Jesus is the spirit of truth which gets attacked by a group of others1,

mocked, ridiculed, humiliated, degraded picked up by authority, judged, sentenced, tortured, killed and buried because of the sins (errors) ofotherswho sacrifice the Truth to save themselves. Even his own friends kept their mouths shut and denied him.

Anything connecting there for you? Anything at all? The altered state is about the metaphysical concepts not necessarily the literal details, although the current judges would not recognize the literal anyway most of the time.

Now let's look at a literal statement: The person being evaluated inside a psychiatric hospital who states very plainly,I don't want to be here.

who just ignore the “case” and make no response at all. Or sometimes, they get “corrected” like the naughty child.

The feeling from the point of view of being assessed is like that of talking to the wall...which some people end up doing as they break down under group pressure, invalidation and psychological isolation.

In fact, those SAME methods are used by torturers. Don't think of yourselves as torturers though do you? You're just helping aren't you?

So, why isn't the person heard?

Well, because everything s/he says had ALREADY been pathologized BEFORE she even entered the building.

The system which feeds itself, simply writes down everything those being observed, assubjects,for signs and symbols ofabnormality,say or do or feel. The system then adds it to the DSM defined assymptomsofmental illnessand trains people to hear it all that way. So, when the patient expresses it, they can easilyfitit into a preconceived framework used fordiagnosis.Again, this is the tautological argument upon which bio-psych and all other dysfunctional groups as well, base their understanding.

It's a form of entrapment and a well practised one at that. No one even notices that. As some might put it, “we do it because it works."

A lot of things "work" but that does not mean we should use them all because they do.  

Guess why many patients thinks that psychiatrists are all psychopaths.


1The Pharisees, who are the “Authorities and the highly educated men of the time

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