Friday, December 09, 2011

Who are the Monophrenics?

By Patricia Lefave, self defined Monophrenic

...“Weirdos” such as myself who say what they mean, and mean what they say, but who cannot be heard or understood by the dysfunctional Splitters who pretend they are one thing, while being the opposite, and consider themselves to be “hidden” in plain sight from Monophrenics, whom the splitters perceive as “less than.”

The Monophrenics are perceived as “less than” so that the neurotically enmeshed, who believe life generally is a contest AGAINST others, which they must “win” can maintain the delusion of being “more than” as the means of making themselves FEEL better. This psycho-spiritual “solution” is also a form of addiction. Dysfunctional families and other groups become addicted to this way of being and do not question it because there is a pay off in it for the majority of group members: cathartic release of suppressed emotion and a means of externalizing their own psycho-spiritual problems in a socially sanctioned way. This must always be done in relationship to an “other.” The Splitters also get something else; a sense of “belonging” to a group,  a kind of pseudo bonding that ensures that for as long as they are a part of the group that targets someone OUTSIDE the group, none of the group members themselves will become the target. It is a kind of psycho spiritual protection racket; go along with my attack on others and I won' attack YOU for failing to do so. This form of anti-socializing is seen by the group members as “socializing” and that too reinforces the group as a closed system which is “superior” to those outside it. Group members who don't actively participate in the abuse of the target remain members in good standing as long as they also don't speak out against the group behaviour, or do anything to try to stop it. If they do, they TOO can become the outsider.

Splitters tend to get together in groups in order to reinforce the delusional state in each other. The Splitters then treat the Monophrenics “as if” the Splitters delusions about them were “reality.” To maintain their delusion, and their defence of it, the Splitters then deny their own splitting and project it onto the Monophrenics who are often then the ones labelled “schizophrenic” or sometimes “personality disorders” for seeing what the Splitters don't want to have seen in themselves.

Monophrenics frequently cannot make any sense of this behaviour, either by individuals or groups, since they do not think in terms of being in a contest or of being one thing, while claiming to be the opposite; so the thinking style is foreign and completely puzzling to the Monophrenic who can make no sense of the behaviour of the Splitters. This “inability” to “make sense of the senseless” which the true Splitters believe THEY can do is very often defined as a “symptom” of mental illness in the Monophrenic. Very, very rarely is it ever suspected that those who engage in Splitter bonding are actually the senseless ones as most of the time “'reality” is defined by group consensus as if it were determined by voting on it.  This absurd notion that  reality can be defined BY group consensus tends to dismiss, or block, any attempt to introduce any evidence to the contrary as groups of Splitters close ranks to defend the dysfunctional status quo and make sure that their primary goal remains intact: to keep right on thinking and behaving the same way and to make sure that no one among them ever gets blamed for anything. Any attempt to do so on the part of the Monophrenic is instantly switched around 180 degrees so that it is the Monophrenic, and ONLY the Monophrenic,  who can be blamed and what the Monophrenic is being blamed FOR is “blaming others.”  The “others” of course being the Splitters, who of course now MUST defend their splitting as this is the means of making themselves FEEL better, via group catharsis which can only work if their is an “outsider” or “weirdo” onto whom they can group project their own traits while remaining in complete denial about all of it.

The problem with the Monophrenics of course is that most of the time they just do not understand what is going on in the thinking and behaviour of the Splitters until it is too late. Also since the Monophrenic cannot reason with the Splitters nor just get them to leave the Monophrenic alone, most Monophrenics do not know what else to do to stop the group phenomenon. What the Monophrenics must do of course, is EXPOSE the groupthink and bizarre behaviour of the Splitters, in such pedantic detail, that even the most dull witted and resistant Splitter will not be able to deny the reality of themselves, or fool any of their buddies, or the voyeurs they involve with it, no matter how hard they try.
This is done by treating the Splitters in much the same way as one would any bully; by exposing the lunacy of the bullying as the means of making it not only useless but humiliating to the bully. Splitters, like Bullies, only stop when NOT stopping makes life more miserable for THEM than it does for their targets. Reason has nothing to do with this, so reason will not penetrate the lack of it which generates the phenomenon in the first place. Bullying and Splitter Group projection comes from emotion, is almost always very regressive and limbic brain stuff, is done for group catharsis, and the only thing that will stop that is shining a bright light on it so that what the splitters and bullies delude themselves is successfully HIDDEN will be seen for exactly what it is by everyone, everywhere.

It is the Monophrenics , currently considered to be “inferior,” who are going to have to let the Splitters know, in non-ambiguous terms, that they are not NOW, nor have they ever BEEN “hidden” from us.  The only people they are “hiding” from are themselves.

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